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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

6 Ways To Operate From Your Goals

Do you have goals? How do you operate from your goals? Sometimes, it seems overwhelming to operate from goals daily.

It is easy to set goals, but its energy-sapping to get them done! To be successful, one has to operate effectively, everyday, from his goals.

"If you want to increase your chances for success and up your batting average, you have to do more than just set goals." --Sarah & Paul Edwards.

You need to write them down and then bring them to life. If you can see them on your calendar and make room for them on your schedule, you will get where you want to be much quickly, no matter your chosen field.

Here are six steps for turning goals into reality.

1. Make them specific goals.
Goals are a target for you to shoot at. They enable you to know where you are going, how you'll get there, and when you'll arrive. According to Brian Tracy, "Goals are dreams with a deadline." The more specific your goals, the better. Be specific!

E.g, By December 31, I will have $500 in my savings account. 


By December ending, I will have some amounts in my account.

Such specificity enable you to know what to accomplish by what date.

2. Write your goals down.
Create a separate file, have a separate planner where you will pen down your goals. Research have it that those who put down their goals accomplished it more than those thinking it in their head.

3. Keep your goals in sight
The mind goes towards what is in front of it. Don't bury your goals somewhere and look at them once in three month. Carry them with you always. Out of sight, is out of mind!

4. Review your goals daily
Refer to your goals when planning your daily schedule. Don't let a day pass you by without reviewing your goals.

5. Do a daily check
At the end of each day, ask yourself, "What have I done today to achieve my goals?" Don't be satisfied with excuses. Even if it means staying up late. Sometimes, I do that. If I don't, I will have to deal with much tasks later.

6. Create goals for all aspect of your dear life.
One common way of sabotaging goals is to set them only for one aspect of your life. Therefore, set goals to cut across all your life. Be it financial, spiritual, social, and even emotional. If you concentrate on one aspect only, you will find out that eventually, you will still not be happy.

If you really want your goals achieved, operate from them daily.


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