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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

3 Ways Wealth Can Be Found

Written By: Obembe Sunday D, RN

What Is Wealth?
Wealth means different things to different people. To some people, Wealth is tangible or intangible thing that makes a person, family, or group better off.

Wealth has been defined as a collection of things limited in supply, transferable, and useful in satisfying human desires.

When wealth is looked at from the angle of Robert Kiyosaki (Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad), you are wealthy when you are able to live comfortably after some years of retirement.

Don't expect to wake up and be wealthy overnight. Things don't usually work like that. But before you can be wealthy, you must know where and how it can be found.

"I may not know what wealth is, but I certainly know how to get it", said John Johnson.

The author, Dennis P.Kimbro gave some clues as to where wealth can be found.

1). Wealth can be found in ideas
Wealth isn't a fancy car, clothe or a spacious home. it won't be found within any material possession. Wealth is located within you, and it can only be attained by pursuing your dreams.

Ideas live in you. One great idea can change the face of the world. One idea can make your life turn around.

Never allow the dawn of a new day greet you without a dream, without an idea to make that day a productive one.

Wally Amos advised, forget needs and wants, the key is creativity and imagination. wealth is not out there, it is something in here (in you). it's dependent on unversal principles and a higher consciousness. You will never be given a dream without the tools to reach the dream.

Remember one single idea can change your life forever! Great wealth calls for concentration, singleness of purpose, and unwavering aim. Just as Benjamine Mays put it, Not to reach ones goal is not nearly as bad as having no goal to reach. Your ideas invariably turn to your goals. Make your ideas work for you.

2) Wealth can be found in work
Have you ever asked yourself what shall your life's work be? Its a good question to ask. If your instinct (your heart) ask for carpentry, be a carpenter. If for medicine, be a physician. You've gotta follow your heart. Choose one vocation and master it in all details. Sleep by it, swear by it and work for it, and with a firm choice and resolute will, you cannot help but succeed.

You are likely to be wealthy when you are totally engaged in doing things you love and enjoy.

According to Percy suttonwealth comes to those who are immersed in a labor of love. If you don't love what you do, its not right for you. Change it!

Wealth is not acquired by chance or speculation, but by daily practise of industryfrugality and toil. Dennis P. Kimbro added, "wealth and fame will be yours, eventually, if you determine to render more and better service than you are paid to do."

3). Wealth can be found in adding value
How does what you do daily impact others? The key to wealth, Ernesta Procope says is to add value. If you want to have more out of life, you must give more to life. No one can be truly rich without enriching the lives of others.

Cathy Hughes, when was asked her views on wealth, said, wealth and economic empowerment is the key to everything. Billie Holiday added, "God bless the child who's got his own, but wealth doesn't mean a thing if it doesn't translate into opportunities for others."

Whatever you set to do with your life, try as much as possible to add values to others.

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