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Thursday, July 12, 2018

WEEKEND DIGEST: Are You Part Of The Few Who Does It?

 "It's either you are part of the many who talks or part of the few who does it."

Everyone of us has some things we want to achieve before the month, the year runs out. But, not all have the discipline to make it (them) happen.

You are part of the many who only talks when all you do about your goals, dreams and future is to just talk. And you are part of the few when all you do about your goals and dreams is to work towards their achievement daily, weekly and monthly.

The reason a lot of people do not bring their dreams into reality is not farfetched. Some of which are;
A very large number of people with goals of various kinds do not follow their goal to the end. Some lacked discipline. Some could not focus. Some talked too much! They said they wanted to lose weight, they never take a step further. They want to stop junk foods, they keep on buying them. And so on.

Tell the world what you want to be. But, first show them.

Note this; If you really want to achieve that goal, no matter how big the obstacles may be, do not give up on it. Change the direction but not the goal. If you must.

I have seen people who at the beginning of a particular year, had goals they wanted to achieve. It is unfortunate that only few are living their dreams.

Try these tips on your goal daily;

• Get a book and a pen ready.

• Do not let your goals, dreams live only in your mouth. Put them down in black and white.

• Make sure, no matter the condition, and circumstances surrounding you, you do something about your goals everyday, every week, and month.

• Strike out the ones you've achieved.

• Review your goals if not everyday, at least weekly or monthly.

• Do something that leads you towards your goal. Whether you feel like it or not.

• Never go to bed without you doing something about your goals no matter how little.

If you allow your dreams to live only in your mouth, when the year ends, excuses are what you will get as results. - SirPhren

Discipline yourself. It's either you are part of the few who achieved their goals or part of the many who doesn't!

Are you part?

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