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Wednesday, August 01, 2018

3 Bad Habits That Are Good For Your Success By Gbadebo Dahunsi

In order to be successful, there are some bad habits you should practice. They are not really bad but in the literary sense they are.

Be blind, be deaf and be dumb. Yes, you must consent to these three things if you truly desire to succeed in life.

According to Robert H. Schuler, “To really succeed in life, all you have to do is get started and never quit”.

It is also a common saying that “Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win”.

Oh! How many people today have turned themselves to losers only because they quit: they gave up on their dreams and great ideas? The road to success is never an easy one. It is not straight. In fact, it is not smooth. It can be likened to the state of most Nigerian highways and not like that of Paris.

You see, on your way to success, you’ll come across a lot of potholes, that’s for sure. Sometimes you may need to mount hills, you may experience delay or even been locked up in traffic jams.

But even with all these confrontations, you’ll surely get to your destination if you can endeavor to continue and never give up. I mean if you don’t quit. Too many things and people are set to make you quit, but you can defeat them with these three things.

First, anyone who wants to succeed in life have to be blind to his or her present situation and the situations around. Don’t focus on your present situation but put your focus on your future. Be blind to the discouraging situation in your country or community and be determined to make it come what may.

Second, anyone who truly wants to succeed in life has got to be deaf to the noises around him or her. As you journey into your great future, you’ll begin to hear many things. People will talk. They will make noise. They will utter discouraging words. They will tell you your dreams are impossible. They will try to scare you that nobody has ever done it before and so you too can’t. They will laugh out loud (lol) ridiculously at your efforts. 

Their target is to make you give up, and they may possibly succeed if you’re not deaf, I mean turn a deaf ear to their discouraging ideas.

Lastly, anyone that must succeed in the journey of life must learn to be dumb or at least pretend to be. As you go your way, as you do your things, as you hustle and struggle to make it in life, people will surely step on your toes. They will provoke you to say what you’re not supposed to say. 

See, you may be tempted several times to speak wrongly. You may even be enticed or lured by little achievement so that you can talk out your secret. And once you did, “they have gotten you." So be cautious about what you say.

Besides, it’s not a must that you should talk at all times. You can keep your mouth shut and just pretend to be dumb for some times. You can’t die. Be dumb in order to keep your secrets secret.

Tell the world what you want to do and be. But first show them.

In conclusion, remember that it is helpful to be blind, deaf and dump to every distraction on your way to success so you can concentrate on your great future and get there. Your future is bright.

Written By: Gbadebo Dahunsi (Founder, Purpose Life Media (PLM))
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