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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

7 Mental Laws Of Personal Success And Achievement

For us to perform optimally in our day-to-day tasks, we need to understand and obey some, if not all, of these mental laws. With these mental laws, each one of us can maximize our potential.

   Mental laws of personal success

Dennis Kimbro authored the book, "What Makes The GREAT Great." And "Think and Grow Rich Black Choice."

The mental laws are as timeless and immutable as the natural and physical laws that govern the universe. They hold true for anyone that abides by them and are applicable in every area of life.

Dennis Kimbro asserted, "Whenever you see an individual who is not achieving his or her full potential, you see a violation of these mental laws."

These mental laws work 100 percent of time just like how the law of gravity works 100 percent of time. Because these laws are part of our being, it is paramount we know them. Although, they have been around us since the beginning of time.

Law Of Practice

The maxim, practice make perfect, is still valid in every branch of human endeavor. There is simply no achievement without practice, and the more practice, if done intelligently, the greater the proficiency and sooner our goals will be realized. Success, growth require patience and practice. Practice is the price of proficiency.

Law Of Mental Equivalency

This law means, thoughts objectify themselves. Dennis said, your thoughts, vividly imagined and charged with emotion, become your reality.

Every aspect of our lives are created by our thinking. We are simply what we think of most of the time. To change your life, change your thinking.

    Laws of control

Law Of control

The law of control simply states that you feel positive about yourself to the degree that you feel you are in control of your life; and conversely, you feel negative about yourself to the degree that you feel you are not in control or that you are control by some external force(s).

When you feel you are being controlled by external forces, you harbor a victim mentality. Peter sage referred to it as victim mode of consciousness.

There is no way you can gain control over your thoughts and actions without accepting full responsibility.

Dennis said, "Regardless of the depth of your convictions or the height of your logic, it is impossible for any individual, group or people to be free without accepting total responsibility for their lives,"

When you fail to accept full responsibility, you bring upon yourself continued frustration and unhappiness.

Law Of Expectation

This law states that whatever you expect with confidence becomes your own self-fulfilling prophecy. Your expectation exerts a powerful influence that cause people to behave and situations to work out as you anticipated.

"What you expect is what you get, not necessarily what you want."

What did you expect before going for the examination? What did you expect before going for the job interview?

Law Of Reciprocity

To simply put, people don't care about you until they know how much you care about them. People are internally driven to reciprocate for anything done either to them or for them. The holy Bible says, "he that will be great among you, let him serve."

Joe Dudley put it like this, "You can have anything that you want, if you only help enough people get what they want." Shakespeare added, "The fragrance of the rose lingers on the hand that casts it."

Law Of Habit

You are a bundle of habits. Everything we do is as a result of our habits. Your habits will make or break you. It can be a stepping-stone or a roadblock to success.

Good habits are hard to form but easy to live with; and bad habits are easy to form but hard to live with. If you habit isn't leading you to success, it's probably leading you to failure. Habit formation and breaking obey the 21 days principle. What habit would you like to change or alter?

Law Of Forgiveness

This law states that you are mentally healthy to the degree that you can freely forgive and forget offences done against you.

You must forgive, not just in words but also in your heart. Forgiveness is not for someone else's sake but for yours.

When you forgive me, it means, you no longer give me the power to control your life, your behavior or emotion.

To fulfil your potential, Dennis advised, "you must let go and cut the cord to anger and resentment."

Which of these laws have you been obeying? Let me know in the comment and endeavor to share with loved ones.

Written By: Obembe Sunday D


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