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Sunday, August 26, 2018

8 Things People Will Tell You When You Are Trying To Live Your Passion

Some of us did let other people's opinion fashion how our lives will be. Which shouldn't be so! I have seen someone who gave up what he was pursuing because of what friends said to him.

What Is Your Passion?
Your passion is that thing that keeps you awake late in the midnight. It is that thing you do for free and still remain happy. It is that thing that if you don't do, you may fall sick or feel sad.

Your passion may not necessarily be what you study in school. But imagine if you study the course you are passionate about. Your passion could be caring, it could be reading, it could be teaching, cooking, writing, and so on.

You should know that, your passion is nothing, until you are known for it. And the only way for you to be known, is to show yourself. What is not shown is not known.

You would agree with me that it wasn't only Mark Zuckerberg that had the passion of connecting people together using the internet. Some might have it before him, but they couldn't go far probably because of what they heard from people around them. And there was someone who didn't give a damn about what others may say about his passion.

Maybe you just discovered what you are passionate about, and want to crawl out of your cocoon of comfort to let people hear or read about/from you, take note of these things you are likely to hear from people.

1). What Are You Doing?
Don't be surprise to hear this. It is not that they don't know what you are doing, as a matter of fact, they knew you love writing but they will still ask, what are you doing? When you hear that you may want to ask yourself too. And may gradually be letting go of your passion.

2). Why Are You Wasting Your Time?
People will surely ask this especially when your passion requires you go and do stuffs. To some, it may seem as a waste of time. For example, if you love reading a lot, don't be surprise to hear people say that.

3). No One Likes That
Yes, you will hear this especially if you are into selling something. When you are trying to venture out, people will tell you, no one likes that, many people don't do that, don't waste your time doing it.

4). Don't Waste Your Money
When you are trying to update your skills as regarding your passion, some will tell you it's a waste of money. For example, Let's say you love blogging and you want to upgrade by signing up for an online HTML tutorial, people may tell you, since you know a little about it, why wasting your money? You may be forced to sit so long in your comfort zone. And the more comfortable your are in your comfort zone, the more obsolete you become.

5). You Don't Need It
Suppose you are a Nurse and want to venture into turning your passion to profit, some will tell you, you don't need that. Why would you want to do business?

6). It Is Not Profitable
You are going to hear this countless of time from people who are only looking for money, from people who only do things for people because of money. Before it can bring money, you must be able to do it for free. If you can't do it for free, no one may hear about you and you won't be happy doing it.

7). Your Mates Are Doing This And That
This is usually from parents and elder ones. You may be forced to give up your passion if you are not really passionate about it. The moment you hear, "You want to be a Photographer when your mates are Doctors, Lawyers?". They probably don't know happiness is not in the title you bear, but in what you do passionately joyfully.

Let's look at some artistes. Some are Medical doctors and Lawyers, but don't practice. You know why? They only study it probably to fulfil their parents' wish, not what they love to do. I am not discouraging not to go to school, there are schools for any passion you may have.

8). No One Employs Them
The moment you want to study a course you so much love, because of the rate of unemployment in that area, people may tell you, no one employs graduate from that course. Why not study another course that are hot cakes? If you are not passionate about the hot cake course and you go ahead to study it, it's as good as wasting your time in school and you will keep asking yourself, why am I in this course till you graduate [that is if you don't drop the course].

You may be living your passion for the fun of it or you may turn it to profit. As long as you are going to continue living your passion, as long as you are going to make a landmark with your passion, as long as your are going to make some impacts with your passion, let your desire to live your passion burns. Let no one tell you it is not possible.

Whether it is possible or not, you should decide, not me, not your friends or anyone.
What have you heard from people that discouraged you from doing what you love? Share it in the comment below and endeavor to share this post.


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