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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

5 Ways To Limit Your Mobile Data Usage

Author: Obembe Sunday D [SirPhren]

Blog: Assist Blogger

Do you know that, via study/research an average earner spent 10% of his income on mobile data monthly.? 

As a consumer of internet works, you might have been wondering why your data finishes faster than you thought. In this article, I will show you how you can limit your data usage.

If you're not subscribed to an unlimited mobile data contract, or aren't always in range of a Wi-Fi connection, it's easy to go over your monthly mobile data allowance and incur huge phone bills.

Let's get started!

1). Get a reliable/good network operator

This step follows after you might have gotten a mobile, tablet device you will be using to surf the internet. Presently in Nigeria, we have 4 trending network operators (MTN, Airtel, Glo & 9mobile). Get the one that works best in your area. MTN is everywhere you go, but still doesn't work everywhere.

2). Budget and stick to it

In budgeting you have to look at what comes into your pocket monthly and then find out on subscription plans of these networks. (There are plans as low as N500 for each network which can last you a long time).

Glo and 9mobile offer the highest bonus on data you can opt in for them IF the network works fine in your area.  

Set the limit of data you will be using monthly in the setting section of your device.

3). Take care of your device settings

If you take note on how your mobile phone runs, you will see that some processes and apps such as gmail, yahoomail, games and so on are running in the background. These are the apps burning your data. Many apps are running in the background and using that data connection - email is a great example, as it could be checking back with its servers every few minutes for new messages. App updates can also use a lot of data, but Google Play lets you ensure these occur over Wi-Fi only.

Google recently released an app (Datally) that can help reduce your data consumption. When the app is installed and activated, it stops all background processes. You can find it in playstore.

You can also set your monthly data limit. When you are about to reach the limit, it will give a warning.

You don't need to make everything pop up. The more it pops the faster your data goes.

Most importantly, make sure your WiFi connection is secure such that no one can use it without your consent.

4). Use lite versions of your apps

Some social networks have lite versions of their app. It will be advisable to use the lite versions. Twitter, Facebook and Google+ have lite versions which consume less data.

5). Manage Apps Updates

When using Google play store, make sure your updates are not set to automatic updates. If you set them to automatic, you endanger your data's life. Let the playstore asks for updates before you do. And update app that are very important to you. Which may lead you to, uninstallation of dormant/useless apps.

You will notice that some apps don't do anything on your phone. Apart from eating up spaces on your phone, it poses risk to your data life. You don't need thousands of apps. Get rid of apps you don't need!

Finally, when using Flashshare or Xender, make sure your data is switched off. If you don't, it will serve as WiFi connection to the other person. And if the person has set his/her playstore to update via WiFi connection, your data is gone before you know it.

In summary, to extend your data life, have a reliable network operator, set budget for yourself and stick to it, set up your mobile background processes, Use lite versions of apps and get rid of dormant ones and manage app updates.

How have you been managing your data? Share your ideas with me in the comment box.


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