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Saturday, January 05, 2019

5 Unforgettable Things To Do To Have A Great Year - Joshua Osarhen Owie

Before the end of a year, it's always habitual to see many individuals running helter skelter, scribbling 'Do's' and 'Don'ts', making concrete plans, promising themselves and their maker to do away with terrible habits, planning to achieve alot, and all these and more for the forthcoming year.

The new year eventually comes like a thief, and majority who seemed to be high with energy find it difficult to keep up with those 'cliché' promises after a while.

For some, they forget all about their supposed 'resolutions'. For others, their attention is drawn to something else. And what we have In the end are a bunch of individuals making resolutions again for the next coming year.

Do you find yourself in this mess all the time, and you don't know how you can beat the norm? Don't worry. I'm going to highlight five things you need to do to cure yourself from this.

1.Change Your Circle Of Friends:

There's a popular saying that you can't rise above your friends. This means that you can't be above the level of influence around you, unless you change it. The people you keep is a determining factor of how far you will go in life.

If you keep hanging around the same group of individuals who doesn't motivate, challenge, inspire you in all spheres, then you likely to be your old self. Take it or leave it, the friends you keep are either holding you back or making you rise.

2. Be Under An Authority:

There's a place of friendship. But there's also a place for an authority to be over you. An authority is that individual that you can be accountable to. Someone that watches over you, instructs you in the affairs of life, and talk sense into you when you're going haywire. There's a word for it, and such authority is called a ‘mentor’.

Having a mentor can help you achieve more than doing it yourself alone. Talk about the opportunities and breakthroughs it can bring. A mentor is that authority that can fan your flame when you're going out.

3 Invest In Your Growth:

Perhaps another reason why you're finding it difficult to be committed is because of your thinking pattern. Maybe its time you need to start taking personal development serious. If you want a car to be prepared for a long journey, you'd have to do a lot of servicing, changing of old parts, so it could be fit as a fiddle.

You need to start reading books, go for trainings and seminars, associate with sensible individuals, develop new interest in things that would broaden your thinking. Eventually, there's a rub off that would change your perception of how you see things.

4. Create A New Routine:

Wake up, eat,watch TV, hang out with friends, social media, sleep. Does this sound like you? Well, if it does, no wonder you're not making headway year in, year out. You do not expect to churn out productivity with this type of routine, trust me. At best it consumes your time, and at worst, it does the same.

Now's the time to drop all these and focus on highly productive routine. Instead of TV, you could use such time to learn a skill, offline or online. Instead of social media, you could use it to cover a book or a material.

5. Announce Yourself To The World:

I put this last because doing this put you in a tight corner. When you begin to tell whoever comes your way the goals and plans you have for the year, it creates a sense of awareness that the world is looking at you. People begin to watch you like nightguard to see if you will keep to your words. And so, you can't afford to sit on your butt but get to work on those goals. Why don't you scream to the world what you plan to do? Trust me, you will be vigilant all the time when you do this. After all, nobody wants to be seen as a talker only in the eyes of the world.

With this five things at your finger tips, I guarantee you becoming an exploit every waking year.

2019 is still young, don't let it slide by like the previous year. Be radical.

Written By: Joshua Osarhen Owie


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