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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Hand And Personal Hygiene Tips You Should Know

If you can cultivate the habit of hand hygiene, more than 50% of infections or diseases won't come near you.

These hygiene tips are what you already know. But, do you do them?

Hand and personal hygiene

Hand hygiene/washing is a procedure that is done to reduce the spread of Germs, prevent microorganisms spread and to prevent communicable diseases from spreading.

Most times we wash our hands just with water after using toilets, coming back from public places while some of us don't bother washing our hands when we get back home or at places where there are running waters.

When do we wash our hands?

 * Before eating

* After eating

* After using a toilet

 * After going out

 * When you get back from market

 * After handshakes

And basically when you go out to a public place

How do you do proper hand hygiene/washing?

 * Use a running water or get someone to pour water for you

* Rinse your hands with water first, then pour liquid soap or any available soap on your hands

 * After which you wash in between your fingers, your thumbs, rub your palms together, scrub your wrists..

* Rinse your hands under a running water and make sure your hand is clean

* Use a clean towel to dry your hands and don't rub your washed hands on your clothes because there is possibility that your clothes might be  contaminated.

In conclusion, for hand washing, it's quite paramount before and after eating and going to public places.

Personal hygiene deals with keeping your body as a whole in good health condition.

Personal Hygiene Tips

  • Soaks underwear in warm water  with detergent and wash after  10 minutes then  spread them under sunlight for killing of microbes.
  • When you are menstruating change your pads at least 3times in a day. And do not wear a pant for 2 days. (For guys, do not wear a boxer more than a day).
  • Brush your teeth twice daily. In the morning and before retiring at night.

Written By: Adelusi Kehinde (University Of Ibadan)

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