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Monday, January 14, 2019

[Letter To Parents] Enough Is Enough: Episode One By Britney

What I have seen, heard and observed since I started paying attention to my  life and to the whole world is disturbing.

I go out everyday and I see how people behave, I see how people treat their follow human beings, I see parents not paying attention to their responsibilities which is their children, that amount of disturbing news I hear this days makes me very sick and the question that always come to mind is  when did we get here?

How did we get here, who or what actually brought us  here? These  questions keep ringing like a bell my mind seeking for answers.

There are things happening in your house that you  don't  know about because you think money is everything.

You go out early in the morning and come back late  at night and you call yourselves parents while uncle's  and Aunty's comes to your house and molest your children and you don't know because you are too busy.

Your children will be doing all sort of nonsense under your house but you won't  know  because you are busy.

Your children will be  going through hard times but you won't know because you are too busy.

Your children will be experiencing molestation at school but you won't know because your too busy.

Your children will tell you that they want to change school and the next thing they will hear is shut up, without knowing that they are experiencing hell in that schools.

You know what, we should start calling you busy man or busy woman because you will never sit down and talk with your children.

Some of our parents now give birth to children they can't even take care of in the name of looking for a particular sex or are there awards for any family that gives  birth to the highest number of children?

You bring this children into this world to suffer, beg and experience all sorts of molestations and you say God said you should go into the world and multiply. Is it only children that you can multiply?

No, answer me,you need to multiply your income, finances, how you think, how you behave, everything about you needs to be multiplied.
And to you that treats other person's child like trash because he/she lives with you, your children, wife and husband will molest this child and you will not  talk in the name of protecting the image of your family, I want you to know that people are watching! And remember, you have your own children, this is not about saying God forbid, what is God forbidding?, you must surely reap what you sow.
Please I'm begging you in God's name, it is high time we started taking everything serious. Observe your children, take care of them, be there for them, give birth to as many children you can take care of, be that responsible and amazing parents because that's exactly what you are, if you continue trying your best for your children you will have a better story to tell, trust me... Everything start from the family!!.


 #EPISODETWOLOADING.........You will like to read episode two because I'm going to talk about another set of people so stay tuned.

AUTHOR: Britney Oluebube Onyewuchi


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