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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Open Letter To All New Bloggers From SirPhren of Assist Blogger

Dear Newbie Bloggers,
I write to you out of my compassion for new bloggers. Seeing you doing well with your blog gives me pleasure and I hope this open letter to all new bloggers meet you in good spirit.

Just like I was back then in 2016, you want to tell the world about your passion, about how you can help them and how to make money from it which is why you resorted to blogging.

Open letter to all new bloggers

Let me tell you about the mistakes I made back then when I started.

When I made up my mind about starting a blog, it was my final year in Nursing School and I knew nothing, I mean nothing about it. I was creating and deleting, creating and creating blogs even one of them had traffic from google. Poor me, I didn't even know about organic traffic.

All I did then was trial and error because no one around me was knew something about blogging (except a friend who was good with computers Bello Opeyemi) other were saying it was a waste of data. Did I quit? No. But I abandoned it for some months. You know why? To equip myself with blogging, tips, tricks and monetizing skills.
Mistakes are meant to make us wiser not discouraged.
Because I don't want you make the mistakes I did make, read this letter to the end. Some of my mistakes were;
  1. Starting and staying too long on free domains e.g
  2. Buying domains without proper research and buying wrong domain extension e.g .online, .tk, .us etc
  3. Choosing wrong niche
I know you want to start making money the first day you start but am sorry to tell you, its not that easy. 
I know you want to start ranking the first day you start but am sorry to let you know its not that simple. 
I know you want to have million views same day you start but am sorry, its not that easy.
Don't be discourage yet, I have some good news.

Before you start your blog, there are some things you should know and do. Which are;

1). Research your blog title well on search engine and make sure it hasn't been taken by someone else.

2). Research your blog domain and make sure it hasn't been taken. It won't be easy buying a local extension of a domain that is already ranking. It is a bad omen when you buy a of a domain which its .com has been taken.

3). Choose your niche and do not go off topic. When you write on so many topics alone, you will end up with copy and paste contents and also confused.

4). Let a blog designer do it for you (recommended).

5). You will need to buy custom domain (e.g

6). If you want a self hosted blog, you will need to buy a hosting plan from a web hosting company.

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7). Know the differences between Blogspot and WordPress

How to choose your blog niche
• Multiniche Vs Single Niche blogging
• Domain Name Mistakes You should not make

From my corner I give you these👇

Why do you start blogging?

Do you have a purpose for your blog? If no, what then are you doing with your blog? Without purpose, you will end up being confused. Goals will make you work hard on your blog.

Learn before you start earning

One of my mistakes was thinking, money will be flowing in immediately. No, doesn't! Take your time to learn everything you could learn.

May I remind you, you don't start making money when people read your blog. Their data doesn't turn to money. Erase that myth now.

Spending on your blog

My dear, be ready to spend some cash on your blog. Don't make everything free! Attend courses (offline/online) that can take your blog to next level.

My advice on using AdSense

When you get lucky and your blog is approved, you won't start making the money immediately. Work harder and get more traffic to your blog. Without traffic, your AdSense will only beautify your blog. Nothing more!

Do not let your passion for making money surpass your blog purposes (if you have any).

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Copy and Paste other bloggers' contents

Copying and pasting do one thing. Which is, kill your writing potentials. You won't have time to think and you will never rank.

SEO practises

My dear, I urge you to learn all SEO techniques you can learn. You can't afford a blog without proper SEO set up.

Keyword Research

Dear newbie bloggers, you need to research keywords before you start publishing articles on your blog. Write on things that your target population are searching for.

What of consistency?

If you are not consistent, forget it, you can't make it from your blog. Once you start, keep up with it. Take a particular niche and develop yourself till you become an authority.

If you are going to do something for the rest of your life, don't just stop at the fourth month."

Reach out to pro bloggers

Don't feel you don't need help, we all do. The thing is, you cannot know everything. Learn from others.

Other ways of making money

You can make money from affiliate marketing, private advertisements, selling your digital products and sponsored posts. With all these, you still need traffic to make them work.

Handle your social media handles

It is funny how some bloggers find it difficult to talk about their blogs on their social media handles. Tell as many as you can. Don't live in the shadow.

Do you find this open letter to all new bloggers helpful? Don't give up yet. Keep blogging and keep living.

Yes, you can do it!

Till we meet again, I'm SirPhren the owner of Assist Blogger
Open letter to all new bloggers


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