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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Open Letter To The Youths Struggling Out There By Britney Oluebube

Dear youths.    
Since I was  born, the only thing  that I  always hear is that, there is cultism  in all the whole universities and Polytechnics and people forming it are the" YOUTHS."

Kidnappers all over the world and who are forming them the " YOUTHS" and the most painful part is that some people still use  the  " YOUTHS" as their  tools and for their own selfish interest.

Open letter to the youths

But, I hardly hear things like, the youths in this place set up a group or an organization that will make us a better people in the future

Nevertheless, youths are trying their bests.  There maybe no  employment, no good  roads, no opportunities, some " YOUTHS " are still breaking through.

Some youths don't want to work hard for them to succeed, I know you are going through  some pressure and challenges but you need to work hard and never give up because I haven't seen anyone that is incredibly successful without no sacrifices or even failure.

 I also noticed that some of us only act like  youths  in our own father's house but when we come outside  we act like a child. Why can't you use the power you have to reach that place you desire and provide a better place for your coming generations even if you think that your ancestors didn't prepare a better place for you?

Wake up Youths!
The world break everyone. But some people became stronger in the broken places.
Be the best you can be!

Till we meet again. I am Britney Oluebube Onyewuchi


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