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Monday, January 07, 2019

The One Skill Your School Did Not Teach You

Do you want to be a rich Doctor, Nurse, engineer, Lawyer, Professor etc? Take a quick look at the lives of rich dudes in your field. What do they possess? What do they have in common? They have a skill you and I weren't taught in school. Do you know?

If you do, you'll see that they are probably not all A-students. I do not mean A-students are not rich!

The street is full of good students trying really hard to survive the harsh economy. You are wondering why good students, A-parallel are still jobless?

The first time I heard "A students work for C students" I did not believe until I see it happen. If you tell me now, i will let you it's possible.

While in school, the type of education 99.9% of us received was the traditional form of education Robert Kiyosaki talked about in his book "The Business School for People who like helping people"

"School is another life on it's own which is a bit far from the real life."
Traditional form of education simply means, Go to school, study hard and get good grades so that you can get a job in high-paying secured company. This has not been helping. 

But do this form of education prepare us for the real world? If you ask me, its NO!

Traditional form of education, in which mental education is one of its components, instills fear in us - if you don't study hard, you won't get a good grades to get a high paying secured job.

Do I mean you should not study hard to get good grades? No, I don't.

In school you will learn how to read, write, solve arithmetic calculation, you learn how to make a man sleep and wake him. The fact is, you need more than these skills and abilities to survive and thrive when you get to real world.

You will need more than the ability to cut-open human abdomen, to solve mathematical logic, etc to survive! Perhaps, our schools forgot to teach us that skill.

That one skill school forgot to make us acquainted with is, The ability to sell ourselves" as Medical professionals, Engineers, Legal practitioners etc.

If you know how to sell yourself i.e make others patronize, seek your expertise, you can survive and thrive in the business world and you can turn whatever skills you learnt in school into well of wealth where you can draw from.

It is your duty, whether you are still in school or graduated to learn the art of selling. Read books, attend seminars offline/online, join network marketing businesses, seek advice of experts.

While preparing to have good grades in school, prepare for the world outside the four-corner of the school. Prepare to be rich and wealthy by thinking of business yo can do.

I have not seen a rich man who spent all his life working as an employee.

If you want to be rich, you need to be a business owner and to make your business thrive, you need to be able to sell (it took me some years to finally realize this).

Take another quick look at the top rich fellas in Forbes archives. And tell me what you see.

Don't go into the rat race of studying hard, get good grades, get job in secured company that pays high, get married, give birth and expect your kids to do the same. Your probability of ending up broke is very y close to one.


- Obembe S.D (RN & Blog Designer)


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