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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

What To Do When It Seems You Forget Things Easily - Joshua Osarhen Owie

Do you find yourself placing your toothbrush by the sink to respond to a call and few seconds later you can't seem to recall where you dropped it?

Joshua Osarhen Owie

Do you find it difficult recalling a thing someone had just told you a few minutes ago?

Does this difficulty in remembering things extends to your relationships with people?

Well, it sure it's scary when you suddenly find yourself forgetting things easily of late, especially when you aren't the forgetful type by nature. The amnesic feeling creeps in and the fear that you may just be losing your mind saunters into your thoughts on daily basis.

Calm down. I can tell you you're not losing your mind. What is happening to you is perfectly normal and it's to be expected as one ages with time. One of the reason why this happens from time to time to individuals is primarily because of what they're engaged in per that time.

If you're doing a work or an activity that requires you multitasking or reasoning deeply, there's a possibility you may begin to skip some details that you would ordinarily take you little or no effort to remember. Reason is, your brain is loaded!

So, you want this creepy feeling to go away right? It will eventually and below are some tips that would aid in the end to the nightmare.

1.Take a break: Yeah, take a break, I don't mean quit your job. Since your brain is loaded, the right thing to do is to unload it. You can take your mind off the activities by sacrificing a day or two and spend it watching movies, calling friends, chatting up people online, playing video games, cooking a good food etc. These things triggers a good feeling in us and we tend to remember them easily. During this spree, the brain relaxes itself and becomes refreshed for handling the tough task of recall.

2. Plan your day: Once you wake up in the morning, try and make a list of what you intend to do for that day. People often see this as old fashioned and as a burden, so its overlooked. But old fashioned or not, making a to-do list is powerful. When the brain captures what's on the paper, it is better prepared to handle what's ahead; it just adjust to give the brain-power necessary to perform the listed tasks. So, whether you're forgetting things easily or not, plan your day on paper. It helps a lot.

3. Make the habit of jotting things down: Do you jot things down? No? You should cultivate the habit of doing so. Jotting aids in remembering and recalling things. It's a life saver! Another thing, the mind is constantly fleeting with thoughts and ideas and there's a high probability of forgetting them the next minute or day.

Why not get a jotter and capture those ideas? Save yourself the hassle of having to rack your brain for something you could easily have recalled if scribbled down on a personal jotter.

Lastly, pay attention to details, but this gets difficult with a troubled mind. Therefore, I’d advise you to unburden those worries by sharing them with a friend or family. Believe me, you’d feel better, and those mood swings or depression that is causing you to forget yourself easily will be a thing of the past.

Remember, a problem shared is a problem half solved. And you deserve to be happy.


Joshua Osarhen Owie is a writer of diversity, a content creator and a blogger. He adopts the pseudonym 'storyteller' when he is scribbling fiction and switches to the moniker 'The pen' when baring his thoughts. He's committed to shaping narratives through the voice of his pen.

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