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Saturday, February 16, 2019

African Women Leadership Conference, Rwanda 2019

Alot have been done for the female gender in the past few decades, of which gender equality and indiscrimination are part of it. But, what essence would they be if they are not empowered enough to handle certain positions in the society?

First, women empowerment is the process where certain powers are granted to the female gender, especially ones they were denied of. It's all about training and equipping women to make life-changing decisions through the different problems encountered in the society.

Empowerment creates a power within women which aids their participation in political structure and economic decision making. So, this involves the action of raising the status of women in every area in the society through proper formal education, raising awareness, skill acquisition and business training.

Women empowerment is essential for the society to ensure the sustainable development of the country since it has been discovered by world leaders and influencers that sustainable development is impossible without gender equality and women empowerment.

Scholars have identified two major ways of empowerment Viz:

 Economic empowerment: This works towards increasing women agency, their mobility outside their homes, access to certain government programs. A formal education opportunity is required to support the mobile quality of a woman outside her home, and then job training which enables her to get employed in the labour market will provide her with more access into having a reasonable wage she would control.

 Also, empowerment in the work place positively affects her performance and satisfaction there.
Then, making inheritance available for them would sure, boost their sense of empowerment which gives them access to asset accumulation, capital and bargaining power.

Political Empowerment: In this method of empowerment, affirmative policies are made to allow women take part in political decision making or policy making, and a quota is made to allow a certain number of women in the parliament position. Also, women are given more rights to vote, to voice their opinions and then, allowed to run certain political offices with a chance of being elected.

Are you a woman who delights in empowering fellow women?

Do you think you can do well or find pleasure in leadership?

Do you see gender inequality as a barrier to achieving societal sustainability?

This is just for you, join the two day African Women Leadership Conference. Which will take place on the 4th to 5th day of April, 2019 at Rwanda.

Don't be left behind! Click on the website to register to get EMPOWERED for SUSTAINABILITY.


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