February 17, 2019

Basic Things You Should Know About Relationship (Sexual Health) and Home remedy [Singles and Married]

Basic Things You Should Know About Relationship (Sexual health) and Home remedy is a life enriching book written by Daramola Taiwo.


The book covers;

Sexual health: Being sexually healthy and active is one of the vital things in a marriage. I do not think a marriage can survive without it for a long time. The author talks about Meaning of sexual intercourse to men and women, importance of sexual intercourse, Best sexual intercourse position and how to have the best sex of your life.

Home Health Remedies: Home health remedies are the health care you can give to yourself at little or no cost. The home remedies covers home remedy for impotence, importance of miracle drink, use of Neem Tree among so many other remedies.

Money management for couples: No marriage can survive long without money. It;s as simple as that!

How can you get this book?

The book costs just N1000 and it's in pdf format. To buy the book now and take charge of your marriage and health, click HERE  and make the payment online with paystack. Contact me if you encounter any difficulties.

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