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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Poem: Flaming Radiance By Uchendu K. Njionye

Poem: Flaming Radiance by Uchendu K. Njionye

Be of good nerve  
Make cloudy cheers your foe 
Tattoo your smile in gladness 
Make joy home 
Walk in utmost fortitude,
 If creation be a Ruth
 As to guise your skin black. 

Who despices black in her beauty? 
Who dare reject her in her strength? 
Hey! Let's muse on her hues, 
Let's dance to the tune of her luster, 
In the wholeness of her splendor. 

 Her hand is a moxie so strong, 
 With royalty running through her blood vessels, And bravery in her strands! 
 She stands as the untamed beauty. 

 Black the untamed beauty 
 Home to the risen sun 
 On heals she walks up hills 
 Who else can stand so tough? 
 In the toughness of her sleek legs lies her attracting aplomb, 
 Leaving brazen footprints of enamour 
 She walks with the dignity of a lion, 
 And then lies majestically in wait for her friendly foes. 

 Foes who promised unending glow 
 Yet, set her whole in flame 
 To guide them home. 

 Black is original 
 Embrace and be of good cheer,
If you wear the true colour of God. 

 ©Uchendu k Njionye via Francisca Adielechi


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1 comment:

  1. Wow....

    Yeah... Black is beautiful! Nice one there Uchendu.👍


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