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Sunday, February 24, 2019

XBI Monthly Appreciation Pack (MAP) (Exclusive for Telegram members)

XBI Monthly Appreciation Pack (MAP)

(Exclusive for Telegram members)

Telegram is, in our own judgement and for now, more better than WhatsApp for businesses such as we are doing at

Currently, it has the capacity to carry more than 99,999 members at once.

WhatsApp can only carry 257. So, what this means is that if you must have WhatsApp group to serve people, you would be forced to maintain multiple groups, which we have been maintaining for years now. This is not a big task anyways but since there's a better way, it's just wise to adopt it.

Telegram also allows all members of a group to add people in it with the permission of the admin. This isn't obtainable is WhatsApp groups.

Chat history is retained also for new members to go through

WWW.XBIMEDICALJOBS.COM will be introducing a Monthly Appreciation Pack to members of its Telegram group. This will start next month, March 2019.

Although it will be called Appreciation Pack but it will be, for now, a token of recharge cards to be valued at 1k each for members every month end.

Who are we to give the pack?

Our MAP will be sent to members of our Telegram group who added the highest number of members for a particular month, with at least 50 members addition.

Other benefits these people will enjoy are;

Normally, we don't allow posting of advert that are not medical related; but for the winners of MAP, they can post adverts of their businesses, products or services, for the period allowed by the admin.

Furthermore, for members that have enjoyed MAP for more than 5 times, are qualified to apply for the post of the Administrator of XBIMEDICALWORLD, only if interested.

The MAP isn't going to be a pay back, but just as the name implies, a form of appreciation for making us grow.

Start adding new members, but please only add professional colleagues and friends as we don't need non-medical persons. Adding them will mar our goals and then the non-medical individual, with the person who added them will be permanently blocked.

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For more info or enquiries, WhatsApp or Call 07035241233 or mail us at [email protected]

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