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Monday, March 11, 2019

Depression In Men: How To Snap Out Of It

A lady asked how she can get her boyfriend talking. She seemed confused, she also mentioned he has been avoiding her asking questions about his wellbeing.

depression in men

Men are beings with cluttered minds, they are bothered about work, families, goals, other guys and how to make more income.

Depression is never gender based, yet it is a silent killer on men. The egoistic nature of men allows them shield themselves from loved ones, through their alter ego, rather than asking help.
Asking for help does not mean you are not manly enough, it simply means you have no adequacy to solve your problems at that particular time.
Depression is dangerous if left untreated. It involves a range of behaviors, like sadness, lack of contention, weight loss, insomnia, sleeping too much, crying, restlessness.

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Depression is often time referred to as a mental disorder that is characterized by anger, range, sadness, isolation and loneliness, in severe cases suicidal attempt are seen.

Symptoms of depression in men

How do you know he is suffering from depression?

- He does not talk to you
- He is isolated
- He talks about taking his own life
- He starves himself
- Restlessness
- Anger
- Multiple personality
- Aggression
- Lack of concentration
- Not paying attention
- Forgetfulness

How can he get treated?

There are two ways to treat depression, antidepressants and psychotherapy.


Antidepressants are medications that help treat depression. Antidepressants are to be prescribed by your health care provider, to ensure you avoid overdosing yourself.


Psychotherapy is also called the talk therapy. Therapy helps to teach depressed people new ways of thinking and behaving, and changing habits that may contribute to depression.
Psychotherapy can be classified into two, the cognitive behavioral therapy, and interpersonal therapy.

How do I help him at home?

Aside from medications and therapy, you can involve him in healthy conversations.

  • encourage him
  • listen to him
  • spend quality time
  • offer help during trying times
  • prevent him from taking alcohol or hard drugs

As a lady, your relationship will be healthy if your man is also healthy, so help him stay healthy.
Depression in men may sometimes be unnoticed. When you see the symptoms in him, go beyond the usual "How are you?" and dig deeper.

Know more.... Stay healthy....Stay fit!


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