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Friday, March 01, 2019

[Story]: The Pendulum - A Tale Of Indecisions [Chapter One] By Ebhote Joy, RN

Pendulum - A tale of indecisions

The neighbour’s cock crow was the first thing heard in the yard at dawn which was not normal considering the day always began with either Aunty sewa, the ewa agoin hawker whose strangely melodious voice seemed to always be the alarm for most tenants in the compound or Brother Uche as he was fondly called trying to gear up his motorcycle to begin his day at the park.
The Pendulum - A Tale of Indecisions

Well today, no hawker was calling for buyers, no motocycles was been geared up. It was all silence. Pure, calm silence. The reason was not farfetched. Mrs. Oloruntoba was having her first baby in 15 years of marriage and the whole compound were in the hospital not wanting to get second hand gist of what went down in the hospital. The only individual left in the compound to care for the little children was Madam Ukpo.

Mr & Mrs. Oloruntoba have been married for 15 years with no issue as the popular term says.

Medically nothing seems to be wrong with both parties. But we are in Nigeria where every failure is almost attributed to spirituality and as believed by relatives especially the mother-in-law on both sides something is wrong spiritually.

In their 15th year of marriage Dara now Mrs. Oloruntoba took in and it was all joy and happiness especially for her husband James Oloruntoba. They refused to ask the doctors what sex the child was during antenatal visitations because they were never bothered, as far as it’s human and healthy, they were fine.

On the day of delivery, being today, everyone wanted to see, hear and be the first to get the information on what sex the child was and health status of the mother.


The labour process took her 7 hours which was fair considering it was her first experience of child bearing.

“It’s a boy” shouted James with a wide grin that almost split his face into two.

“Congratulations!!!!!!” shouted Akpan the compound’s security officer, smilling.

Mama Sukan was already dancing alongside the other tenants around, songs of praises and thanks were offered to God.

Trust Igbo women, Mummy Ada already had her white facial powder out of her bag and everybody had started applying it judiciously to their faces and neck . An indication of birth, a way to welcome a new life.

James went back into the ward after receiving the smothering hugs and handshakes from both women and men respectively. He was allowed to see the baby which he held in his arms. A beautiful dark coloured being, with hair so soft scattered sporadically on his head, eyes closed and lips so beautiful that you realize he definitely will be a charmer.

“My bundle of Joy, I thank God for giving you to me, I will cherish you for life” James sniffed.

“You will definitely rule the world and make me and you mother proud and joyful until the end” he indicated with his head at the sleeping figure of Dara.

Looking at the child, James couldn’t help but feel really glad that he had someone to carry on his lineage after so many years of waiting, he vowed to make sure that the child got all the good things of life which he was not opportune to have in order to help the lad excel. He was already thinking of esteemed professionals in the society and the little boy could definitely join in and be successful.

He put the child back in the cot, kissed his wife’s cheek and stepped out of the ward to call relatives and give them the news.

I stood at one corner of the room, wondering why a father would already begin to think of professions for a child that is barely 24hours and whose destiny he doesn’t control. I sighed, shaking my head because I knew my friends; DESTINY and FATE had a very different plan from what James had in mind.

Wondering who I am? MY NAME IS GOSSIP and I have ears all over.

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