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Saturday, March 16, 2019

[Story] The Pendulum - A Tale Of Indecisions (Chapter Three) By Ebhote Joy

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The Pendulum - A Tale Of Indecisions Chapter Three

10 years later…….

“Dara!! Dara!!!” James’ voice could be heard resoundingly in the compound. “Where is this woman?” he asked no one in particular.

“She took Alex to the barber’s shop down the street” mama Ada shouted from her room, “Hope there is no problem?” she asked, this time stepping into the yard.

“Problem ke, there is no problem at all, in fact I have good news, but its okay. Thanks for asking” he smiled, humming to himself and entering his room.

“That was really weird, well if its good news am sure we will hear about it sooner or later” she thought out loud.

Dara stepped into the compound 30minutes later carrying a polythene bag on one hand while pulling a wailing Alex alongside.

Boy crying

“You better stop your cries, because am sure when your father is back from the shop, you will have to explain this nonsense to him” Dara scolded him. As if his mother’s statement was a reason to become angrier, Alex increased his cries.

“Why are you crying and disturbing the peace of the compound, ehn?” James cut in.

“Don’t mind him, he wanted a different kind of hairstyle from the one I picked for him.”

“Is that so?” James responded, chuckling.
“Shouldn’t you be correcting or at least trying to console him? Why are u laughing?”

“I am sorry dear, I wasn’t laughing at either of you, I am just pretty happy and have great news.

“Good news, great let’s hear it. Or don’t you want to hear your father’s good news, Alex” she said trying to console the child whose cries had turned to silent sobbing.

“Okay, prepare yourself, I WON FROM BABA IJEBU!” James shouted, smiling.

“So you won baba ijebu that’s why you are you are smiling, you have won from it before, what makes it different this time” She said.

“I know I have won from this lotto before, but its better this time. So last week Ikenna came to my shop with a game he was sure would win, though I had to pay him five thousand naira….

“You paid him what?” Dara cut him short, screaming and getting up suddenly almost knocking Alex who had a thumb in his mouth and was already nodding off to sleep, “Do you know how far that amount of money will go in solving some issues on ground, we could have used that to put Alex in the extra coaching lessons that is offered in his school and if you don’t want that we could have at least fixed that leaking sink in the kitchen that keeps messing up the whole place. But no, instead you felt gambling with it was best. Oh that’s true you didn’t use it to gamble, you use it to pay for some numbers before gambling” she was almost screaming.

“You need to calm down and let me finish. I have not finished my explanation. In fact, I have it in mind not share it with you, but then it’s a good news” he said.

“Okay, go ahead then”
“I won a lottery of 3 million naira” he said smiling. The silence could be heard, Dara had a look that showed how shocked she was on her face.

“What?!!!! How? When?” she exclaimed shocked.
“I played the numbers Ikenna sold to me with some modifications. I am so happy. We have made it babe. WE ARE RICH!”

“Wow!! This is great news indeed, I am so happy. Thank you Jesus. This feels wonderful”
“Yes, wonderful is an understatement” James commented, beaming.

“Daddy does this mean I get to go to that big school” Alex asked, looking up to his father.
“Yes my dear.” James replied. Sitting on the couch, he sat the child on his laps, “Big school and much more you will get. You will be among the top leading people in the society if I have my way” he continued, patting the child’s head. Alex smiled and hugged his father.

“We have to make plans for how to multiply this money, although we are paying tithe first” Dara said.

“A woman after my own heart. I will never regret marrying you. Don’t worry, I already have plans of investing over half of the money, but I will still need to receive it and sign some papers first. That will not be an issue though. I have an appointment with the lotto company tomorrow, hopefully I should be done within the month."

“That is great. I still cannot believe this. But I think we should not share this story with anybody at least not until we receive the money, then we can share, do thanksgiving in church and then promote the business” Dara replied, smiling. Picking up the polythene bag she had left on the floor she opened it, “let me prepare dinner, I am even too overjoyed to cook."

The Pendulum A Tale Of Indecisions by Joy Ebhote

“Please don’t be overjoyed o, because I am starving” James replied, picking up the television remote flipping through channels, but it was still evident on his face that his mind wasn’t on the television programmes, but on the fact that he could envision a bright future for his family.

Stay connected for Chapter Four.

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