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Monday, March 04, 2019

[Story] The Pendulum - A Tale Of Indecisions [Chapter Two]

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The Pendulum - A Tale Of Indecisions

It was the morning of his child’s naming ceremony. James could not contain his joy and it was obvious by taking one look at his face that had a mile plastered on it.

Chatters of women cooking, men sitting in groups, children running around and ecstatic at the mere thought of the jollof rice they would be eating, were heard throughout the compound.

The DJ had his instruments mounted at one end of the compound, his speaker blasting with music so loud I could feel myself shaking.
“Maami, I don’t want the gele too tight and I can barely breathe in this blouse. Why did you have to contract Iya Ayo with the job of creating my attire?” Dara complained with a frown on her face.
“Today is one of the happiest days of our lives, yours and your husband’s especially, so you should be happy not complaining about minor issues.”
“I am happy, I am just bothered about how am supposed to enjoy today if I can barely move my head or loosen my blouse to feed my child.” Dara replied, getting up to adjust her skirt. She moved into the bedroom to check on the little boy who was sleeping peacefully with a half-smile on his face. She adjusted the blanket wrapping him up, took him in her laps and rocked him.

At 5pm that day, the compound was full with people sitting on the chairs arranged under the canopies mounted in the compound. The ceremony began with the opening prayer led by resident pastor of the family’s church located two streets away. Then the choir of the church leading the crowd in spirit lifting praise and worship.

I may love telling tales but I definitely am not going to repeat everything, every individual that came on stage said. In my time with humans I have been in so many naming ceremonies than I could count (not that I needed to be invited) so most times I settle for only the important and most interesting part of the ceremony. 

And just when I thought of maybe contacting TROUBLE for some entertainment, the minister announced the name of the baby,

Alexander Jason Tiresimi Olamide Oloruntoba” the minister said, reading from a piece of paper I saw too often at naming ceremonies.

The remainder of the ceremony was a blur to me, but I could remember the group photographs, the dancing, the plates and plates of food, drinks served and gifts that the parents received. I may have not been interested in the crowd but I was keen on watching both parents smiling graciously, laughing at jokes.

I watched as the baby or little Alexander was carried by his paternal grandmother, not giving anyone around a chance to touch or hold feel the child, she even took the baby in at a point.

The compound became quite clear at about 9pm and I know you are still wondering why I haven’t left, well my partner TROUBLE was presently indisposed so I needed to be kept company.

“James, James that is how you have fully become a man o” said Bode, one of James’ Customers.
“Abi o, my brother help me thank God o. What more could I have asked for” James beamed.
“Yes o, we pray to have more of such good news in this compound” the landlord Mr. Ike said, sipping his drink.
“Amen” the group of men chorused.
“But I hope you know this means that you have a greater responsibility. You have to ensure that your child is properly taken care” Bode stated.
“True talk.” ade, one of James’ apprentice said “ Oga James, my mama born 7 children and she no get money to send us go school, me be number 5, na im make I dey learn this tailor for your side. All my big brother and sister learn work, but I know say this pikin go go school sha."
“Well it’s good that you guys should bring that up, my child is not gonna be an apprentice, am sure he will be something greater, maybe a doctor, lawyer, professor, he even fit become the next Wole Soyinka.” James replied making the group laugh.
“Oga James, I say make the pikin go school, I no talk say make u turn am to book o” Ade commented causing a few of the men to laugh loudly, even I couldn’t help but snicker.
“I am not going to turn him to book na. I could only attain secondary school education, but I will ensure he goes further, even if I have to glue my legs to that sewing machine to earn, more I will”
“ spoken like a true father” Mr. Ike said “ I know God will help you to achieve all this, in the mean time I need to retire to my quarters, see you all tomorrow God willing and congratulations again James” he said, picked up his glass, drowned the remaining drink, placed it on the stool and left.

Throughout the whole of the men’s conversation, Dara sat on the couch directly under the window in their sitting room and could clearly hear the men’s conversation. She smiled at herself and in thanks to God for giving her such a wonderful gift to help re-unite her family and also for her husband because she knew deep down in her heart that he was going to be a good father willing to give all for his child.

I sat at my post, listening to the conversation, smiling at the look of zeal etched on James face.

But then I remembered FATE coming giving her report at the meeting few days back and I couldn’t help but wonder what he meant when he said “Time will tell” I could only hope it meant Good.

OH!!! I can hear TROUBLE calling already, guess it’s time to hear of another quest of hers. I pushed from the wall I sat on, glanced towards the house, turned and moved into the night following the sound of TROUBLE’S voice. 

Stay connected for chapter three.

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