March 07, 2019

Youths' And Teens' Addiction To Social Media

Bert is always busy with his phone or laptop, people always wonder if he does any other thing other than being on his phone but, he trains himself in school, he helps in training his younger siblings, he's just living fine with his parents.

She's always turning their foods into burnt offerings especially when her mum is not at home, despite the beatings she gets from her elder brother and her dad, Ella is always on her phone that she's now nothing but a lazy lass always laughing like a lunatic.

As we are in a digital world and in the technology age, the effects of internet and most especially the social media can not be overlooked especially when the teens who are the supposed future leaders are concerned. And the truth still remains that teens are addicted to social media sites than other networking sites.

What is this social media addiction all about? 

I wouldn't make sense here without giving a meaning to what social media is all about, so, let's learn together. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Social Media is defined as the websites and computer programs that allow people to communicate and share information on the internet using a computer or a mobile phone.

Addiction, also from Cambridge dictionary simply defined as the inability to stop doing or using something especially something harmful and the English Dictionary gave a more discreet meaning by giving this definition:
"it is a habit or practice that damages, jeopardizes or shortens one's life but when ceases causes trauma."
So, social media addiction is all about being psychologically dependent on the social media that it jeopardizes your life; your moral life, your academic life, your relationship with people even your relationship with God.

When you find out that you have a happy moment, or can't just end your day without visiting that your favorite social media site, when you feel worried or uncomfortable because you are not able to access your social media sites, my dear you are already addicted to the social media.

Addiction to social media

Here's what happens when you get addicted to social media: 

  • You get more lazy just like the character in the second fiction. 
  • You face insomnia after using social media as stipulated by professionals 
  • You face depression because you'd always think that your peers are doing better than you are doing.
  • You get anxious easily and feel disconnected with the real world. 
  • You have a high tendency of spreading false news and living a fake life as you would loose control of personal information. 
  • You indirectly encourage high rate of scam on social media. 
  • You stand a chance of suffering from cyber-bully. 

If you think you are already addicted to social media, you think you're spending more time than you are supposed to, here's a clue on how to put yourself in check;

First, be determined to curb the excessive time you spend on social media, you should take a break for a while, then set aside some time each day to do something useful.

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