April 14, 2019

BREAKING: Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp Down

Many Users around the world can no longer access WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram social media platforms, the second time that the popular social media platforms would suffer an outage in one month.

 In Nigeria, the Facebook glitch happened after noon, with efforts to open the page unsuccessful. It was the same experience with Instagram.

WhatsApp, however, was working at 13.26 Nigerian time. Facebook, which owns all the three platforms, has yet to comment on the issue.

 Down Detector, a website that tracks when online services suffering from outages, reported that Facebook began having issues at approximately 6:36 a.m(EDT).

 Instagram was reported having issues at nearly the same time. Text messaging service WhatsApp was also reportedly having issues.

WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook are all owned and operated by Facebook.

 Facebook, which has over 2 billion users, recently suffered its longest outage ever on March 13, when some users around the world were unable to access the companies platforms for about 24 hours.

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