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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Let And Make Your Woman Rich - Cimax Yaron Mudi

Hello guys, I want to share with  you guys today brief story before I get into the topic, let and make your woman rich.

Let and make your woman rich

Some weeks ago, I was with some friends and business associate or colleagues to say gather, so we were talking about Tiwa Savage biography and stuff like that when one of this guys said;

"If no be say this Teebillz don too invest on top her head, she no go for get mouth or power do wetin she dey do"

And lol, me I'm the type of dude who will want to read you, your approach, speech and composure before I bring myself out to even argue with you.

Ok back to the topic.


Many men these days don't want to allow their wives to be leading " Financially " in the home.

Many men these days can be around rich ladies but can't propose or marry them.

Many men don't allow their women to work especially where the funds are much more higher than their incomes.

But hey, look I don't see anything wrong with that. Beside (to the husband) who told you she doesn't have to make money? Who told you her job is just to cook, sit and take care of the children?

She (your wife, fiancée) has a life to live. She got a family where she came from too.

You don't expect her to meet you for every needs that pops up? You don't expect her to tell you she needs this , needs that.

And at the end day you start complaining or telling her things "you too like money, you too dey spend money"

My brother, Sir,

Allow her make that money
Allow her make that fame
Allow her make her business outstanding
Give her quality education just like you had too.
Allowing her means helping her too!

God forbid today, your businesses and all sources of income you had crash?

How do you expect her and the kids to cope? When you didn't allow her have a Account that bells huge amounts of money?

Why are you scared building a Woman?

You think She might take charge and power in your house?

Hell no!

Treat your woman right. Make her happy. Let her know you are the head (rightly).

Give her a voice even not to change plans but to contribute to the growth of the house.

And You as a man doesn't mean you must be the one to pay all the bills. Yes, you should pay more of it as a Husband and the head, a percentage?




Based on your capability and hers too sir, but like I said "God Forbid."

What if you lose your job and incomes? How will the family cope? Who will provide for the family? Anything can happen. Accident can occur any time. May it never reach you.

Think about this and empower your woman today!

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Simeon James Mudi AkA Cimax Yaron Mudi is a Chef and Blogger and promoter at Yaron Mudi's Blog.


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