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Friday, April 12, 2019

Life Likened To A Game

Life Likened To A Game.
You know people have always said life is a game and your win is usually an outcome of how you play it. But literally life could be likened to a game of Candy Crush. I know this may not be comprehensible to some people, but some masters at this game may actually understand how. Let’s look at the analysis from my point of view. In a game of Candy crush you have the following:
  • A target
  • 5 lives or chances in one play with which you are to achieve the target
  • Bonuses that you have to pay for
  • Ability to ask friends for help.
Life likened to a game

Just like in the game, it is expected of every individual to have a target, be it long-term or short-term or as stated by the creator of the said game, hard or super hard level. I have been on a level of candy crush to meet a target that may look simple but could be tricky and even while I was still at it today, someone said, “just leave that level already”  I replied, “I actually can’t just leave the level until I meet the target, because I don’t plan to stay here for life.” Same applies in real life, you can’t just work out on your dreams or discard them because it isn’t working as expected at that moment. Leaving one dream for another is not going to make the next dream easier.

I see the 5 chances or lifelines in the game as opportunities. Opportunities that come, that we encounter and have but then, when we don’t really know how to use them well, they may run out. But that is perfectly normal because we aren’t perfect, we are mere mortals. 

The only mistake we tend to make is quitting after we think we have exhausted our chances. The game grants another opening for a refill of lifelines, so does life grant us other opportunities that if we are not so stuck on our past failures, we may actually see and use

However, we should also know that opportunities don’t last forever and they don’t just appear, you need to work and wait for it.

Nothing comes easy, hard work, discipline and prayer are the keys to success. Take for example in the afore mentioned game, you may require some bonuses such as swapping, candy stick, candy bomb, party blast, etc. but these bonuses don’t come on most occasions with out a price. The first two bonuses I mentioned may require you using your internet connection or your critical thinking during a level for it to be added to your bags of bonuses. This is what is seen in our world today, cooperate or not. You do well as an individual, you get a bonus in addition to you meeting your target. Simple logic!



Never undermine the power of friends and families. Just like you have the ability to ask friends for help, maybe in renewing you lifeline in the game, the same happens when you need their help in reality. We need to be careful of those we call friends, but that doesn’t mean we chase away every potential helper all in the name of discerning true friends. Learn to give everyone with a great influence on you a chance, a chance to be that helping hand or a chance for you to help. However, it is also important to not let their opinions cloud yours no matter how perfect it may sound. We shouldn’t try to make the dreams of the crowd our dream.

I hope this helps someone.... but then, it's all a game. Don't forget to share.


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