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Monday, April 08, 2019

[Story] The Pendulum - A Tale Of Indecisions (Chapter Four) By Joy Ebhote

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The Pendulum -  A Tale Of Indecisions by Joy Ebhote

The bus rolled down the tarred road and stopped in front of a brown colored gate shield the one storey building. The driver honked about 5 times to get the attention of the security officer. Alex jumped out of the bus with a vigor that made the young female teacher accompanying the bus to scold him mildly, but the child paid her no mind.

Pushing through the gate while waving to his schoolmates in the bus as it pulled away, Alex greeted the security officer.

“Good afternoon, uncle Musa”

“Ehn ehn, welcome come o, how school?” Musa queried in a heavily accented English.

“School was fine, thank you” he replied skipping to the entrance of the house.

“Mother!! Mother!!”

“How many times do I have to tell you to use your indoor voice in this house, ehn this child” Dara stated as she descended the staircase.

“Am sorry, I just was not sure if you were still in the house or you had left for the shop”

“I came in early today, my sales manager, Clara is back from her leave. By the way which one is mother again, I have told you to call me maami, you are a Yoruba boy. Forget your English name which your father solely decided on” she said while playfully pinching his cheeks.

“Ahn Ahn, shouldn’t you be encouraging my English language and the fact that am doing well at it”

“I know, but does that mean we have to forget our origin” she sat on the couch.

“I don’t know why we are suddenly discussing culture when I just got my basic 6 exams results” Alex said almost rolling his eyes.

“Young man, don’t roll your eyes at me” his mother hissed “You are too smart for your own good, just hand the result over, let’s take a look.”

She dropped the remote control and collected the white envelope that had the school’s logo on it.

“Wow!! This is beautiful, I mean it’s great. Am so proud of you son. Your scores are great, not bad grades at all” she said smiling at him.

“I know, I mean its grade A so it’s pretty cool, I just hope the entrance exam for the government college is the same as this” he said with a sullen look on his face.

“Well, you shouldn’t bother, you will do just fine and better if you study hard dear”

“Thanks Mom. Did dad say when he will be coming home today?”

Dara’s heart skipped a bit at the mention of her husband, “No, but he should be in earlier than normal today. Now run along, clean up and ask Mary for lunch”

“Okay, thanks ma” he skipped upstairs to his room.

Dara sat on the couch, she was glad of her child’s result as she had told him, but what she had not mentioned was that he had his highest score in fine-art and painting. A fact she knew James would not like. It’s been months since they got the lottery and they had sold their land in the rural area, moved up to an upper scale community in Lagos, built a house and furnished it to their taste.

James had expanded his tailoring business and was now taking up contracts from big schools, churches, mosques, the high and mighty in the society and all. He even expanded his shop with upgrades. Two months ago he gifted Dara a fully loaded provision store on her birthday and Dara was grateful for it. But she was still bothered.

She had thought James’ obsession which a choosing a career choice for their son was him being fatherly considering they had had no child for a long time, but she realized now that he meant every bit of his plans: to make the child one of the country’s greatest doctor.

Musa rushed towards the small opening of the main gate to view the car and the driver at honking at the gate. He immediately pushed the gate open on realizing it was his boss’ car.
“Oga, welcome sir” he greeted.

“Thank you Musa. How are u doing this evening?”

“I dey fine sir” the gateman replied but James was already working into the house with Banjo the driver carrying his work bag.

“Daddy!!!” Alex squealed, dropping the television’s remote control and running the short distance to hug his father.

“Whoa” James breathed at the impact “You do know you are now a big boy and daddy is an old man, so please stop jumping on me” he smiled.

“Sorry just super excited mum allowed me wait up for you.

“Okay, so what’s the waiting up for and where is your mother?” James said collecting the bag from Banjo and sitting down on the side stool to begin untying his shoe laces.

“Mum just went upstairs to change her clothes and I waited up because I have good news” he said, his eyes sparkling with joy.

“Alright boy” he opened his arms to hug the child “spill”

“I passed by examination beautifully, good grades and I get to go with my classmates for the government college exams”

“Hmmmm… that’s very good news indeed. Congratulations. Where is the result?”

Shrugging out of his father’s hug, Alex ran up to the dining table and took the result from where Dara kept it.

“Here dad”

Opening the no longer sealed envelope while watching the smile on his son face, James straightened the folded paper and could help but feel a bit of disappointment.

“Is there anything wrong with my grades dad?”
“No, my dear, nothing” he replied, trying with utmost difficulty to mask his disappointment, “it’s a brilliant result, come here” he stretched out his arm to Alex while smiling.

“You see, you passed very well, but your highest scores were in fine art and painting. That’s good but if you want to be a doctor you need to score better in you science subjects.

“Okay sir” Alex smiled, he just could not tell his father he wanted to be an artist.
“Good and that….”

“Means it’s time for you to go to bed young man” Dara cut in glaring at James.

“Of course, you should go to bed, you have school tomorrow. Good night”

“Dad, I just brought my results today it means school is out” Alex replied teasingly. “Goodnight Mum, good night dad” he moved out of his room.

“Dara shook her head at her husband and stormed out of the sitting room to their room without another word. James knew there was an argument brewing but at least he thought he would do so with a full stomach, so he sat at the dining table to have his already served dinner.

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