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Friday, April 05, 2019

Reasons You Should Watch Horror Movies

I've always had a love and hate relationship with horror movies, I just can't let it go. They are the best (plus screaming should help your vocal cords, shouldn't it?) and if you're like one of my friends calling me anti-christ or a demon cause of my preference, this is to inform you that horror movies can help you lose weight among other things. Amazing!!!!!

Reasons you should watch horror movies

1. Burns Calories

Studies have been carried out that showed that the person who freaked out the most while watching a horror movie, jumping, shouting, calling down a saint lose on average 184 calories, this is roughly what you lose while taking a walk.

2. Boosts your immune system

With fear, increased adrenaline is secreted and you slide into a flight-fight mode. The circulation of blood cells is increased and your chances of fighting an infection are way better. All thanks to horror movies.

3. Elevates your mood

This is so true for me. Its like a breath of fresh air with a side of blood ( The Grudge). According to sociologists, you feel less frustrated after a horror movie. Its not like you got your throat slased or you're cursed or something.

4. It helps you face your fears

Don't be a chicken, you know this is true. Snakes on a plane, The third eye, Scream, A Nightmare on Elm Street, need I go on? It brings you face to face with your fear and since movies are set close to reality, it builds your tolerance.

5. Helps the bonding process

Its nice getting scared but its way way better getting freaked out with a loved one. You should yell together and though you might not realize it, scientists say fear brings you closer to people.


The simple truth is you need to be scared to feel alive. It teaches you silly things you shouldn't do, don't go into an abandoned house, supposedly haunted, in the middle of the night on Halloween night, else you're suicidal. Beside after the chills, you get thrills ( I know its cheesy too).

Apart from the fact that you get cuddles and hugs when watching movies (which we all know) . If you know your heart can't take it due to a health condition, please "do not do this"


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  1. Really helpful... Though I am not a fan of horror movies, am feeling motivated to try

    1. We are glad you found it helpful. Hope to see you often!

  2. I'm still not going to watch o,, before somebody has heart attack

    1. Haha haha. ... you dey fear ni?


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