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Friday, May 03, 2019

[Fashion] 5 Tips To Combine Various Types Of Accessories And Semi-jewels

Wearing accessories is a sacred ritual for many women. Ideal to complement the look, they are indispensable for any occasion. Therefore, knowing how to combine accessories and semi-jewels is of utmost importance for those who like to dress well.

From the most basic accessories to the most daring semi-jewels, there are several ways to combine these pieces to form the perfect look. However, there are some tricks that can help you with this subject.

See then the special tips that we separate, so you can find out how to combine accessories and semi-jewels the right way! 

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1. Watch with bracelet

In addition to being an extremely useful accessory, the watch is a piece that perfectly matches the bracelets. For those who like to mix tones of silver and gold, for example, the tip is to select watches and bracelets that have the same  bath  and structure.

Another suggestion to increase the look is to mix bracelets of different sizes and materials with the watch. However, avoid overdoing the quantity and proportion so as not to compromise your look.

2. Alliance with sideboard

The engagement ring or the ring is a fixed accessory for many committed people. However, there are a few ways to further enhance the part by combining it with the sideboards.  These rings give an extra charm to the hands and should always be positioned below the alliance, increasing their protection.

Among the varieties available in the shop windows, always choose simpler models to combine with more beautiful alliances. For the more discreet, the ideal is to combine with bolder dressers, containing stones and glitter.

Accessories and semi-jewels

3. Cascade of necklaces

The  necklaces  are the hit of the moment. Several celebrities and fashionistas bet on this trend, bringing incredible inspirations to our looks.

The tip of the time is to combine necklaces with different lengths and materials. The same suggestion also applies to the pendants, so bet on bolder pieces,  chokers , cascade of necklaces and other combinations that highlight your style.

4. Maxi Brincos

Earrings are semi-jewels that never go out of style, literally. For this season, they are more fun and dynamic, offering maximalist pieces that leave any look devastating.

However, it is worth remembering that a more extravagant earring does not match very well with necklaces or other accessories that are of the same proportion. Then, when using a maxi brinco, dispense other semi joints that can steal the attention of the piece.

In addition, you can choose to: earrings with gemstones; pieces that contrast with clothing;
one-sided earrings; more delicate semi-jewels, containing  pearls.

5. Minimalist accessories

Combining minimalistic accessories and semi-jewels  is also a great trend of the moment. Delicate and comfortable, these pieces can leave any look incredible - as long as you are careful to make the right combinations.

But for perfect harmonization, the trick is simple: bet on several fine necklaces, combined with different delicate rings in the same hand, more subtle bracelets and, of course, small, striking earrings.


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