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Wednesday, May 08, 2019


I've heard many people say education is a scam and I might have said it too but not for reasons you might think.

The basic educational system says come to class, read all your books, burn the midnight candle, go the extra mile,study, study, study more, study hard, did I say study? pass your exams else your report cards will tell. You're judged based on your performance in exams and truth be told, your intelligence is kinda reflected in the result.

Is education really a scam?

No matter how many times its said that its better to pass honorably than to engage in malpractice its still going to be done but, confession time, this post is not really about treating all the sores that plague the educational sector but about something I realized.

This complete obsession with grades has made some students to neglect other aspects like bonding with classmates especially common in tertiary institutions where the bulk is more and the intelligent ones typically withdraw from social activities and people, all they want is pass exams and move on to the next class.

We forget that you need people to survive, you need connections cause the truth is after school, you'll need the friends and acquaintances you've made to provide food to eat when you're broke and searching for a job, clothing when you have an impromptu interview and have only jeans available or shelter when your job takes you far from home, and yes, you're still broke and homeless

If this doesn't come too late, try to connect to your classmates/course mates. Books will take you far but with your friends its a road trip and more fun. That's what I think though, if you feel differently, let me know.


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