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Saturday, May 04, 2019

Popular Comedian, Omo Ibadan Speaks on Her Career, Fame, Money & Love Life

Adeyela Adebola popularly known as LizzyJay is one of the comediennes currently rocking the Nigerian entertainment industry.
She is the CEO” Omo Ibadan Cosin Senta”, a comedy skit currently making waves on social media. The talented female comedian was born and brought up in Ile-Ife, Osun State. She had both her primary and secondary school education in the city.
Subsequently, she left Ile-Ife for Ede, still within the state to further her education. She got her National Diploma Certificate from Ede Polytechnic. She is at the moment an undergraduate of the Polytechnic Ibadan, Oyo State where she is studying Microbiology.
In the exclusive interview with our editor, CHARLES ADEKUNLE, LizzyJay spoke at length on how her career started in April 2017, Her Parents, Fame, Money and her love life. Enjoy the excerpts:

How did the journey as a comedienne start for you?
I’ve always been a lady with a great sense of human right from time. As a matter of fact, I have fans on Facebook who look forward to my funny write ups, but the journey officially started in the year 2017, that was around April when I decided to start making these funny thoughts into skits rather than just writing posts on Facebook.
How did you turn it into a business?
I didn’t start comedy because I thought it was going to bring me money, I started for the love of it, but you know, when you’re consistent with what you do, the unexpected will start happening. I make my money through adverts, shows, events hosting and other things.
What influenced your comedy line?
I really can’t say this is exactly what influenced it, it’s just my random thoughts, I’ve had few comedy skits, before I came up with the Omo Ibadan Cosin Senta Concept. I saw people loved and accepted it, so I decided to build more around the concept and continue like a series.
Can you shed more light on Omo Ibadan Cosin Senta Concept?
It’s a concept that builds around a dumb head teacher teaching other ignorant students, just because she believes teaching is the only means of livelihood and she can get it in that vicinity. Despite the fact that the parents in the area are not educated, they still strive so hard to make sure that their children get education even if they don’t have much to send them to school. The dumb head teacher takes this as an opportunity to scam the entire community, making them believe she’s a teacher and she’s capable of educating their Children. Unknowingly to the parents, the so called Omo Ibadan is just a dumb head.

Is this concept a true life story you adopted somewhere?
Not at all… It’s just a fiction and it’s my concept.
You are from Osun State, and you speak Ibadan language frequently, what is the secret?
I don’t know how I learned to speak the accent. Maybe from Yoruba movies I watch or maybe because I once schooled in Ede, Ede also has a similar accent with Oyo.
When you first started, did you see future in it?
I started doing skit not really as a serious thing, I was just doing it for fun, I attached no importance to it at first, it was later I started seeing something worthwhile in it. Though, I was discouraged by many when I started with the skits, but because I’m the type who does just what I want to do.

Can you share with us some of the discouragements you got and from whom?
I won’t like to share the discouragement or from whom they came from, because I believe all the people who encourages and the ones who discourages wanted the best for me and they are all part of my success story today. You know sometimes, people discourage you not because they really want to or they don’t want the best for you, but because they don’t just see anything positive or any future in what you’re trying to do, that’s why it’s good to believe in yourself and do what you know how to do best, no matter what others feel about it.
At that moment you were being discharged, how did you feel and what kept you on in doing it?
As long as it has to do with my life, I have learnt to listen to myself and stick to my own decisions more than I listen to other people’s opinion. After all, the only person that knows the best thing for me is I. As long as I have a positive feeling about what I’m doing, I don’t care what others say. Skit making then doesn’t cost me anything, just my time to record the skit and my MB to upload, and many people appreciate it. Some people will even call and say thank you for making us smile that’s enough encouragement for me, that’s enough to keep me doing the skits.
Now that God has opened doors for you in this job, what is the reaction of those who discouraged you initially?
Well, they don’t have a choice now than to support me.
How was your parent’s reaction when you delved into showbiz?
Thank God for the kind of parent they are, they support everything I do, especially my dad; he is my number one fan and cheerleader.
Ever since you kicked off professionally, what are the challenges you have been facing?
The challenges now are not something I want to talk about.
Are they that critical that you don’t want to share them?
Too Petty to talk about and I don’t know where to pick or start saying it from. Okay let’s just say there’s none
Can you take us through your growing up, how was it like?
Growing up was fun, I grew up in an environment where there were many kids, so we really had fun; it wasn’t the “get inside” type of life parents operate with their kids now.
Can you tell us about your parent?
My dad is a politician and my mum is a Federal worker, that’s all you can know about them for now.
Interesting, politician in which state and has he ever held any political office?
You can’t know further…
Why or you are not proud of him?
Of course I am but I’m sure this interview is all about me and my career. Just make do with the little I told you about my parent.
Share with us your educational background?
I had my secondary school education at the school of Science in Ile-Ife; my National Diploma was at the Polytechnic Ede, now at the polytechnic Ibadan for my HND, studying Microbiology.
What level are you now and why did you choose microbiology?
I am at the moment in Higher National Diploma {HND1}. I decided to study the course because I love medical related courses.
How do you now cope with male fans, especially your school mates?
I have a manager, so most of my calls go to him, and once I see that a call from a particular person is getting too much and it’s not about business, I will put a stop in answering the call. As for my mates in school, I relate with them very well and that’s all.
I want to believe that you have a boyfriend, and if I am right, how does he now cope with your new status?
I am not in a relationship for now.
Are men not coming for you?
Many are men few are husbands.
You have started acting in some Yoruba movies, how did that happen?
You know I said it earlier, that when you are consistent with what you do, things start happening. When people see what I do, they invite me to take part in their movies.

Between acting and comedy, which one do you appreciate more?
I love both and I appreciate them. My comedy skits are more of me acting. So how do I separate one from one? It’s impossible. So, I love both.
What should your fans be expecting from you soon?
They should watch out for the best of LizzyJay


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