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Saturday, May 18, 2019

World Hypertension Day 2019: 17th May | Theme: Know Your Numbers with a goal of increasing high blood pressure (BP) awareness in all populations around the world.

World Hypertension Day

There are many types of pressure and stress occurring on the people for doing any type of activity. People are forced to make many types of activities to be performed in a better way.

World Hypertension Day is used to celebrate by the lots of people who are suffering from lot of Stress and Tension and they are used to make the people aware of the Hypertension problems in the daily life.

Hypertension is a type of situation which is known as a High Blood Pressure. It grows from level of Blood Pressure to the Normal Level of Blood Pressure.

World Hypertension Day makes the people to get every kind of knowledge to the people about the Stress and Tension. Hypertension makes the people to damage their health which makes them not to do their tasks properly. Hypertension makes the people to carry out their tasks with lots of mistakes and also makes the people to be unconfident in any type of activity. Hypertension is now-a-days spread everywhere in the World due to lots of complex as well as large activities provided by the Companies.

Many Companies give lots of tasks to the people for making much more profit. They try to focus only on the profit of the company which is bad for the health of the people. Company has to provide the people with lots of stress free techniques and to give them limited work which they can do in their work easily. Every Company has to make proper ideas and plans to make the Hypertension to remove from the Company.

It is very necessary for the people to cooperate with each other to make them understand about the situation of the Employee working in the Company. They should make a proper note of the working of the Employees to make them stress free conditions for the work. Every Company should provide only proper amount of work for the people to do the tasks in a better way without any Hypertension. It is very important for the people to focus on the activities by which every people can target on the goals which can make them helpful for their own betterment.

People are reluctant to get their work done in a proper manner and in a proper time period. It is very tough today for the people to manage all the work in a timely manner. Companies have to do something for the people to get their activities to be managed properly for their Employees to be in a better condition. Every people should do yoga and many other stress free activities to provide them betterment in all their work. There are many people today who are taking lots of Stress for their work in lots of High Profile Companies.


Hypertension can be due to many reasons by which people are suffer a lot and have much of the pain with lot of activities. So it is important for the people to do meditation and many health relief activities to remove the stress from all their work. It is quite important for the people to create a positive attitude in them to remove the stress in a better way without any problem to them.
Celebration of the World Hypertension Day

World Hypertension Day is used to celebrate by lots of people on the 17th of May for making the people aware of the Hypertension. It is very easy to remove the Stress from the Mind by doing many of the activities like Yoga, Meditations and many more. One has to become more ambitious to remove the Stress for living a Stress free life in the World. Every people are used to develop their mind to become strong for taking every kind of pain for achieving their goals. It is very tough today to handle and tackle lot of activities in a proper as well as correct manner.

People today are provided much of the Complex as well as Simple work by the Companies by which people are going through lot of Stress. So it is very important for the Companies to provide the Employees that much of the work by which they can do much better for the profit of the company as well as they can maintain their health better without taking any type of stress. So One has to manage every kind of activity without taking any stress for doing any activity properly and correctly with confidence and accuracy for the development of the people and company. It is very not easy to do any task without any tension, but one can try to do every activity without any kind of tension or stress in order to achieve their goal in a better way.

Hypertension makes the people to get lot of pain to their mind for many of the reasons by which they can’t be able to maintain their physics in a better way. It is important for the people to do lot of tasks without any pressure for making their body to grow in a much better way. Pressure is to make every task difficult for achieving any of the Goals in a better way. Hypertension is used to create the people to focus on many of the activities in a lot of tension by which it makes the people to make any mistakes in order to complete any Goal.

Hypertension makes the people to drive attention from one thing to another due to lot of Stress by which they can’t be able to concentrate on their Goals in a better way for fulfilling their tasks and also can’t be able to achieve their Goals. Hypertension is a type of Condition by which people are silently killed without any proper reason. It shows many Symptoms like Sleepiness, Palpitation, Headaches, Dizziness, Blurred Vision, Confusion, Sensation of Ringing in the ears, Irregular Heartbeat, Difficulty of Breathing and also many other problems.

Hypertension is divided into Secondary as well as Primary types which are based on many of the Factors. Hypertension which is Primary are quite common and the causes of the Primary Hypertension are unknown. Secondary Hypertension causes many of the diseases such as Sleep Syndrome of Apnea, Recreational Drugs, Coarctation of Aortic, No Proper functioning of the Thyroid Gland, Bad Food, Alcoholic Drinks, wrong or over medicines usage. Hypertension is a disease which is inherited from the Child to the Parents who are having many types of Habits like Smoking, Drinking Excess Alcohol, Oral Contraceptive Pills usage, Obesity, Lack of Exercises etc.

Hypertension can also leads to brain hemorrhage, heart Attack, Failure of the Heart and Kidney, Damage of the Eyes etc. World Hypertension Day is used to celebrate to spread the knowledge about maintaining the Normal Blood Pressure for lots of people. It is reported that around 3 of the ten people are suffering from the Hypertension. Almost 1.8 Billion people are suffering from the Hypertension and the 50 percent of the people who are knowing about the causes and situations of the Hypertension do not focus on the Hypertension for the High Blood Pressure problem.

People in the World Hypertension Day is used to get motivated for the check-ups of the High Blood pressure once in a year. It makes the people to not to eat and Drink many of the things like Fatty Foods, Overweight, Spicy and Fried Diet, Smoking etc.

It is used to celebrate to give the people message to maintain their Physical Health by maintaining Normal Blood Pressure, Living Healthy, Eating Healthy Food, Normal Weight, Exercise of the Physics etc. to make the people aware of the preventive measures, Control as well as Early detection of the Arteries in many of the populations.

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