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Monday, June 03, 2019

RAGP Revelation and Registration Details: How to Make 20k+ By Recharging and Getting Paid

RECHARGE AND GET PAID (RAGP) is a Nigerian relationship marketing company that is leveraging on telecommunications products, Airtime, data subscription, cable TV services, and Electricity Bill payment through Virtual Top Up (VTU) technology.

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It is registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) RC number: 1279919 and licensed by the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), to carry out Telecoms-related businesses



Our Head Office is located at HCR PLAZA, Plot 521, Sylvester Ugo Crescent, Behind Eco bank Jabi FCT Abuja.

RAGP is an online platform that help create wealth for people. It gives you the license (Right) to own and operate your very own Virtual Top Up (VTU) business in the telecoms sector with Airtime, Data & Utility Bill payment.

RAGP is the simplest, easiest and fastest way to achieving wealth; helps you set up a Plan B financially and earn Residual incomes seamlessly.

Immediately after registration a Virtual Top Up (VTU) account will be provided for you which will be used to Recharge Airtime and Data (all network), Cable Tv Subscriptions, ( DSTV, GOTV, and STARTIMES), PHCN. and many more.

Safe and secure place where a life changing income can be built.

Recharge and get paid is setup to provide a wealth creation platform for a variety of people anywhere they find themselves.
Our mission in Recharge and get paid is to provide safe and secure place where a life changing income can be built.

If you are like us who are tired of online business inconsistency, products movement and hawking round the street on a daily basis.
Recharge and get paid is the solution.

Our goal is to help you generate the cash flow you need to be financially free in today’s economy.
We accomplish this goal by providing cutting edge products that have no competition. 
         We look forward to working with you.

The Recharge And Get Paid Mission
Recharge and get paid mission is to create wealth for the people. With our superb products and unique compensation plan, we will provide employment opportunities for people to improve their well-being and quality of life.
Recharge card is the most effective used products in the world today.
By our own research conducted all over the world we have discovered that recharge card is the most effective used products in the world today.
Our confidence is that our products will produce what many people are looking for in our society today which is Financial Freedom.
Our distributors will achieve great success in marketing our world class products and in sharing the opportunity of recharge and get paid.
Our company is the simplest, easiest and fastest way to achieving wealth. The whole recharge and get paid family is committed to serving our distributors in their professional growth. And we are sure you will enjoy and benefit from the unique products and its incomparable compensation plan.


  • General public,
  • Family,
  • Friends, 
  • Colleagues and,

Other customers.


  1. When you recharge Airtime, subscribe for a Data plan or pay for Cable Tv, you will get some percentage paid back as commission.
  2. When you help others recharge Airtime, Data or pay for Cable Tv and PHCN you will get paid. 
  3. Anytime you introduce people into business you will get paid of 20% of their registration money. 
  4. Anytime the people you introduce buy Airtime, Data or recharge Cable TV you will get paid. 
  5. When your downlines introduce others they will get paid and you will also get paid too. 
  6. By being a member you will get to enjoy all the mouth watering incentives at anytime you qualify. 
  7. All the money you earn in Recharge And Get Paid are paid into your account and you can transfer it to your local bank account for withdrawal anytime you like. 
  8. Earning is for life because Airtime and data are the most esseential commodities after food.


➡ Financial freedom
➡ Source of passive income
➡ Opportunity to own your Virtual Top Up business and build a community of airtime and data users.
➡ To recharge with ease
➡ To visit Dubai for free as many times as possible
➡ Monthly bonus of #100,000 aside other commissions.
➡ You are #50.1 million naira richer than you were.


⏭ Available products(mtn, airtel, glo and 9mobile).
⏭ Bill payment portal(Dstv, Gotv, Startimes), PHCN and many more.

⏭ No wiping off of points, accumulated points are used to qualify for the incentives overtime.
⏭ No balancing of legs to earn or get income( this is not GNLDs).
⏭ No monthly target set for deadline(this is not GNLDs)
⏭ Dual earnings available through VTU and referals(not mandatory).


17 Benefits Of Being A Member of RAGP

1. You earn 20% of ur registration fee when u register. This can be called ur welcome bonus.
2. You earn 2% of the airtime u recharge.
3. You earn 10% of the data bundle u buy
4. You earn ₦40 when u pay for cable subscriptions and electricity bills

Pay for electricity bill online on RAGP

Subscribe your TV cables online on RAGP
5. You earn 20% of the amount ur downlines pay to join.
6. You earn 10%—1% of the amount people pay to join ur downlines.
7. You earn 0.35% of the airtime ur downlines recharge.
8. You earn 1% of the data ur downlines buy.
9. You earn ₦10 when ur downlines pay for cable subscriptions.
10. You earn monthly ₦100k if ur Monthly PV is not less than 10k.
11. You qualify for an INTERNATIONAL TRIP FUND of ₦500k when ur Cumulative PV is not less than 25k.
12. You qualify for a CAR FUND of ₦2million when ur cumulative PV is not less than 60k.
13. You qualify for a HOUSE FUND of ₦3million when ur cumulative PV is not less than 100k.
14. You qualify for ANOTHER HOUSE FUND of ₦4million when ur cumulative PV is not less than 250k.
15. You qualify for a FINAL HOUSE FUND of ₦6million when ur cumulative PV is not less than 500k.
16. You own your personal online shop from which you distribute telecom products.
17. You earn residual income every second as other Nigerians distribute airtime,Data and Cable subscriptions.

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▶Instant registration bonus of 20%
▶Instant referal bonus of 20%
▶Instant indirect referal bonus of 10%--1%
▶Leadership bonus of #100,000 every month.
▶Dubai trip✈ or #500,000 cash
▶Car Award Equivalent to #2,000000
▶House fund worths equivalent to #3,000000; #4,000000; #6,000000
▶Virtual Top Up bonus from downlines (that is, those who register under you).

▶Referal up to your tenth generation.


 Registration packages is at seven (7) different categories based on pocked. Below is the categorisation:

  1. Basic =#5000 and get #1000 back instantly
  2. Bronze =#10,000 and get #2,000 back instantly
  3. Silver = #20,000 and get #4,000 back instantly
  4. Gold =#30,000 and get #6,000 back
  5. Diamond = #40,000 and get #8,000 back
  6. Platinum=#50,000 and get #10,000 back 
  7. Executive platinum=#100,000 and get #20,000 back instantly.

How To Register On Recharge And Get Paid

Recharge And Get Paid Registration Referral ID = xbimedicaljobs
There are 7 different registration PACKAGES.

BASIC PARTNER……………..N5,000
You will earned back 20% of your registration fee, that is N1,000 instantly plus 20PV. And earn up to 5th level deep of your downlines.

You will earned back 20% of your registration fee, that is N2,000 instantly plus 40PV. And earn up to 6th Level deep of your downlines.

SILVER PARTNER………………..N20,000
You will earned back 20% of your registration fee, that is N4,000 instantly plus 80PV. And earn up to 7th Level deep of your downlines.

GOLD PARTNER………………….N30,000
You will earned back 20% of your registration fee, that is N6,000 instantly plus 120PV. And earn up to 8th Level deep of your downlines.

You will earned back 20% of your registration fee, that is N8,000 instantly plus 160PV. And earn up to 9th Level deep of your downlines.

You will earned back 20% of your fee, that is N10,000 instantly plus 200PV. And earn up to 10th Level deep of your downlines

You will earned back 20% of your fee, that is N20,000 instantly plus 400PV. And earn up to 10th Level deep of your downlines.

Join our team to say NO to Banks’ exploitation AND MOST IMPORTANTLY BECOME FINANCIALLY FREE.

Whichever package you sign up with, the company gives you 20% of that amount as bonus to start with.

For the registration, visit and register using xbimedicaljobs as your referral ID.

NB: You can always upgrade to any level whenever you want



➖ Chat Up This Number on Whatsapp or Text Now

+2347035241233 for guidelines... 

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