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Sunday, June 16, 2019


Adekunle Charles - Business Development Advocate, Motivational Speaker
Adekunle Charles
Business Development Advocate
Motivational Speaker

I wish to encourage us to never stop learning if we wish to become a top notch professional network marketer , hence d need for training and training and more trainings , I will encourage us to read and apply every training you read HERE....

Today I will give us 10 qualities that can make anyone outstand in network marketing.

Every successful network marketer is d one that's open to learning d lessons that comes with failing in d business hence they are never afraid to try , if they succeed they celebrate if they fail they learn their lessons , as it is popularly said that d worst mistake is never to try .  So keep an open mind to learn , learn from ur Upline , learn from ur mistakes , learn from other ppl mistakes etc .

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Success in network marketing is not luck . D money u mk in d business is a true reflection of who u are in d business . knowledge is key to success as information is power to d successful . To b d best in this industry u must create room for self development by reading n downloading network marketing books n materials , follow top American network marketers n try to apply all u read . master d skill that comes with d business n try to create ur own simple lines u can use daily while prospecting n presenting . Readers are leaders . Y Africa is so backward is because we have a very bad reading culture . From January till now if I may ask how many network marketing n business books have u read ? U must have to learn d right words to use in prospecting n other activities that surround d business n u can only become super great in it when u develop a knack for reading .

All rich n successful ppl in life all have role models n mentors in their line of business , ppl who can help solve d puzzles that comes with their business . Ur mentor should b someone who's ahead of d game in ur business so that u can ask him loads of questions . There's nothing u will encounter in d business that ur mentor has never encountered , if u can reach him then buy his books n materials relating to ur weak point in d business. Ask a lot of questions n apply d answers to ur daily routines

All successful network marketers have a simple way of communicating to either their team or d public either during team meetings or seminars . U should work out a way to pass ur information in a simple way to d ppl especially during seminars , give d ppl instances n illustrations , expose to them in simple terms y ur business is d best bet for them . Let ur team be able to understand u well so that they can as well duplicate because as a leader most of ur team members will believe n practice all u say n do as their role model so keep it simple so u can communicate well

Most of d successful network marketers I know are courageous ppl , they are ppl who are never afraid to try again . They don't fear rejection , they face all the hurdles d business throws at them. Fear kills a man more than anything so always b bold at all times , u are d one doing ppl favour by showing them something that will change their lives so y should u b afraid ? B bold to approach ppl , b bold to present , b bold talk . Our business is a talking business so d more u talk d business to ppl d richer u will

Successful network marketers plan their day , weeks n months ahead of time before it comes . They do things according to priorities so learn to plan ur day . Know when to go prospecting n learn when to present , know when to follow up as well . When u plan ur day u will b able to marry ur personal life routines with ur spiritual life routine n ur business life routines . U can't leave any of d three out in ur daily lives so plan ur day right

So many ppl fail in network marketing just because all d networks appeal to them so they feel they should belong to all n create a multiple stream of income , at the end they become losers .  FOCUS MEANS FOLLOW ONE COURSE UNTIL SUCCESS. U don't need all d networks to b rich n successful in network marketing , all u need is one good network that has a product line u are passionate about n has a large market wit good n attractive price , d Nxt u check is d reward system which is d compensation plan . If u can get such company u now do UR self favour by closing ur ears n eyes to d new ones that will come because new ones will come . Stay focus n go to work , build n build n build n before u know it u are up there so stay focus because all d top Mlm leaders I know promote one platform

Successful ppl in network marketing are ppl with a high spirit to succeed in their businesses . They don't let little thing either weigh them down , distract them or mk them quit . They must fine a way out of every bad situation either for themselves or their team . They complain less n are always full of energy n drive

Every successful network marketer I know is bold n confident .  Ppl are watching u so at all times try to b bold as u talk , d way u talk n carry Ur self can encourage someone to join ur team because body language is key .

ARISE!!! This is an awesome pieceπŸ‘‡πŸΌ

If you want to LIVE your dreams in 2019, you will have to pay attention to 4 things:

πŸ‘‰ Association
πŸ‘‰ Information
πŸ‘‰ Revelation
πŸ‘‰ Execution

Don't ever joke with relationships.

Don't live all alone by yourself,  you can't even survive that way,  you can't keep minding your own business alone and think people will gravitate in your direction.

 Business is between friends. Invest in people,  fraternize,  associate,  hang out with meaningful people who are doing what you want to do.

Spend time with seniors,  bosses,  mentors,  listen to them,  leverage on their networks,  buy them gifts, call an old buddy,  discuss your next plans with people who are in position to help,  ask for advice not money.

 Opportunity is ever present around you. Discover it.

Opportunity is in location.

 Opportunities are in people, money is in relationships. 

You are as strong πŸ’ͺ or rich as your network.

 Build networks.

Don't hustle without sense,  hustle smartly, be wise.

INFORMATION is everything, I tell you.  If you ask or seek for information you’ll find it.

Usually what's keeping us down isn't village people,  πŸ˜‚ it's lack of relevant information or revelation.

When you don't know what's working, you will think it's your lack of money that's keeping your dreams trapped, it's your ignorance.

Discover what works, build structures to work it.

πŸ‘‰I met a Korope/cab driver who saves 40k monthly working for 8 hours daily. In fact his cab wasn't attractive

πŸ‘‰I met a small chops dealer who makes about  N200,000 in 30days

πŸ‘‰I met an Okada rider who makes 4k daily.( saved N2000 for 30days =60000)

πŸ‘‰I heard of a school teacher who makes  300k monthly in Lagos

πŸ‘‰ I met another one, a lady in Abuja who makes 400k monthly. After teaching in the school,they went for home or private teaching.

πŸ‘‰There's this Amala place in Abuja,  news reaching me says the woman makes average of 1.5 Million Naira daily.

πŸ‘‰ There are people who make your monthly income(22 working days)on just one transaction.

All legit,  no shady deals,  no Dasuki money involved. ☺😏😝

Everyone is hustling,  some use greater sense, some use greater strength.

Sense is always bigger than strength because what strength cannot do sense will do in 10 folds.

Leverage your time.
How do you spend your daily 7pm-2am?

Invest it in your future not only to watchTVπŸ“Ί or WhatsApp or Facebook.

The breakthrough isn't going to be a miracle,  it's going to be determined by the flow of information towards you and that flow of information is going to be determined by the quality of relationships you build.

 Execute your ideas πŸ’‘. Money flows towards ideas.

The miracle is in your head, discover it.

God brings people to us,  we have to be humble enough to learn from these people and not be proud for nothing.

Be strategic in meeting relevant people and learning from them, getting as much information as we can.

πŸ‘ŠLife is about positioningπŸ‘Š

Attending trainings,  seminars can be of great help.

In fact watching YouTube videos can be a blessing.

  There are massive resources online that are free find the time to explore them.

I heard of a guy who learnt how to repair cars as an auto mechanic from YouTube videos.

 Opportunities abound around you,however we have to open our eyes.

πŸ‘Your area of blessings, opportunity is between 10-15km from where you live.πŸ‘

😏We have to stop complaining.😏

Arise my  people and activate the Grace of God in your life✊✊


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