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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

BE READY FOR REVOLUTION! - An angry Nigerian youth writes

It was exactly 2:43am in the night when I picked up my pen to write this. Yes I checked the time.  What was I suppose to be doing at that time? Sleeping you said. But it is pathetic that I couldn't sleep. And I'm so sure that millions of other Nigerians couldn't sleep as well, as  a result of what our nation has been turned into.

Please how can we sleep?
How can one sleep in a country like this present Nigeria? A country in the hands of myopic, self-centred and inhumane cabals called leaders, who are remorselessly playing with the lives and destinies of their citizens, most especially the youths who supposedly are the leaders of tomorrow.

How can one sleep in a country where insecurity is at its peak? Killings here, kidnapping there. Rbbery today, insurgency tomorrow. Innocent lives are being wasted every now and then without any 'true' intervention.

How can one sleep in a country where agile youths struggle to go to school and graduated without jobs after many years? What else do you want them to do with their already acquired knowledge in 'computer science?' Mass communication, biochemistry, banking and finance and others? I myself suffered for five 'good years' in the university and now three years after my NYSC no job.

They asked us to go back to the farm in the name of agriculture, but their children are in abroad under a cool temperature. They said we can provide job for ourselves by venturing into entrepreneurship, but they didn't show us where to pack the starting capital from.

There is poverty and hardship everywhere. No good road, no power supply, our education system is dead, no health care facilities, the people are sick and even the naira is so sick. Notorious criminals are left untouched while innocent citizens are being tortured for expressing their pains. injustice is at its peak. Truly everything 'scatter scatter'.

Shall we continue this way? No way! It is high time we truly wake up and fight for our right. We have been patient enough. We have endured enough. We have waited enough. We have suffered enough. Now is the time to say enough is enough. We are tired of you people!

Nigeria's youths are no longer sleeping because we can't even sleep again. And since you're not ready to show mercy, then be ready for our outcry. Your ears will be filled with our angry noises. And if you think you can stop us because you control the power, we will let you know that we control the social media - a more powerful power than your acclaimed power. We will go invisible! Let your ??? come and shoot bullets at the internet.

And by the time we flood every corner, street, village, town and city in Nigeria and the entire universe with our 'fight for real transformation' using our DPs, status, stories and timelines on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc, we will surely attract attention.

We are the leaders of tomorrow. Yes we know. We have been hearing that for long. And  is the morrow we talked about yesterday. This is our time, pave way for us and let us do it the right way.  We may come to you for advice if need be. Can you try and sit down as elders and watch us do things? We will do it better because we know what we want.

We are not sleeping again. We are tired. We are sick of your ill-systems. We need the real change. We need transformation. If not revolution what else do we need at a time like this?

NB: I know many (Youths) will think this can solve nothing. Well, you can say that over again. But one thing that I know is that if all the youths can take their time to talk about national issues the way we talk about useless things on social media, that will always send a warning note to our leaders that 'we guys are not sleeping any longer'. And they will be more careful in their deeds. And most importantly, more youths will be sensitised!

I have just done my part. If you truly desired a better Nigeria, then  like, comments your opinion and share this post until it gets to 'them'.


Gbadebo Dahunsi
Gbadebo Dahunsi
About the Author: 
Gbadebo Dahunsi is a writer, motivational speaker and Personal development coach. He is the founder of Personal Development Initiative 


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