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Friday, August 23, 2019

NURSES' HANGOUTS SEASON 3 - Averting Social Neglect

Nurses' Hangout was a brainchild of group of nurses that were sensitive to the fact that while Nurses are being religiously dedicated to our duties, our social lives have borne the brunt...

Few Nurses usually take time out to let their hair down and catch fun away from the hustle and bustle of their practice...

You will all agree with me that one of the attributes of "normality" in individual is, among others, a good zest of living plus adequate bodily desires and ability to gratify them.

Nurses' Hangout can play a part in reinforcing this aspect of our normality...
 The first edition was at Elegushi beach in 2017, the second edition was still at Elegushi beach with more than 100 Nurses in attendance, even the creme de la creme in Nursing, old and young nurses as well, showing that even age is no barrier to having fun...

In a view to avert this neglect of our social lives, that form an essential part of well-being as enshrined in what we can describe as being healthy, this program was birthed in 2017...
Among others that we can deduce by ourselves, this event

♻ guarantee you assurance for fun. 

♻ will ensure your meeting with diverse groups of Nursing professionals you can network and share ideas with 

♻ will serve as a deserved respite after all the works you have done during this years

♻ will give your brain the deserved rest away from books and intricate practices we face daily. 

♻ will serve as a mini vacation for people like me that can't afford their desired vacation yet 😂
And at the end, I believe, we would have re-energized Nursing professionals with renewed zeal to face the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and better our lots in this profession....

You know this inner motivation like, I have enjoyed myself, let's go put more effort in becoming, and making Nursing great.
It promises to be fun-filled even for friends of Nurses. 

Nurses hangout season 3 is the third edition of nurses hangout wx will be done at barracuda private beach Abraham Adesanya Ajah Lagos, from 13th -14th of sept 2019.

Ticket Bookings is #8500 (closes sept 4)

Ticket covers
  • Hotel reservation
  • Entrance to beach(Friday n Saturday)
  • Pool party
  • Food and drinks 
  • Customized hangout T-shirt 
  • Shuttle 
  • Sports participation 
  • Welfare and all

1. Is it for nurses alone.
Answer--for registered nurses and their friends and loved ones
2. Can I come with my spouse who is not a nurse
Answer... Yes
3. How many days for this season
Answer...Friday till Saturday
4. Is hotel lodging part of the fee
Answer.... Yes
5. Is the party for nurses in lagos only
Answer...No..all registered nurses


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