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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Abuja Driver Locks Road Safety Official In His Car, Attempts To Speed-Off

An incident occurred in the early hours of Wednesday in the popular Dutse-Bwari road. Dutse Alhaji was in the news some weeks ago when some alleged kidnappers were set ablaze.

The incident that occurred on Wednesday was however hilarious. Due o the volume of traffic on the busy Dutse Alhaji road, many Road safety officials are controlling the busy traffic to avoid unnecessary holdup.

One road safety officer spotted a car that parked on the wrong side of the road to drop off a passenger. Most taxi drivers plying that road are aware of the rules and do not stop on that side of the road. Is made many onlookers believe that the man was not a taxi driver.

He was probably going to work and decided to drop someone. One road safety officer who was watching from a distance quickly rushed into the car in an attempt to arrest the driver for violating the rule.

The driver on seeing the officer in his car decided to speed off but could not because of the high vehicular traffic on the road. Other road safety officers quickly joined their colics and succeeded inholding the man and placing him under arrest.


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