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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Hilarious! Can Fashion Lead To Evolution

Most fashion trends in Nigeria have their roots in celebrities in the west. The origin of most of the fashion trends cannot be found within Nigeria and most people who follow the trend do not ask far-reaching questions.

There is a law of use and disuse in biology which states that the behavior of living organisms may affect their adaptive features and their evolution.

Sagging is very popular among young men and some ladies in Nigeria and it involves bringing their trousers or skirts below the waist. It is weird to ask but could sagging imply adaptation and evolution?

According to the law of use and disuse, if the waist which provides the part for holding dresses and cloths to the body is less used, it may begin to diminish after millions and millions of years of unused thereby leading toa creature that will be quite freaky to behold.


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