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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

I Saw A BushBaby On Egbe- Ilorin Road

Myth came alive in a personal life experience shared by someone who had an encounter with a bizarre creature popularly known as the Bush baby. Although there are no scientific justifications for the existence of the creature, it has been a major topic in most African traditions since antiquity.

A Lawyer and one time lecturer at Kogi State University, Anyigba Mr Ogba Sylvester has shared his experience with the creature on his facebook account. He explained that his car had a fault on Egbe-Ilorin road and he was forced to spend the night alone on the road inside his car.

It was in the dead of the night that he saw the strange creature which fits the exact descriptiuon of what has been variously called a BushBaby. He explained how he was not afraid to see such a ghostly creature at that time of the night.

According to him, the creature has power to bestow gifts on those it ch0ose not to harm and in fact that night, he was more afraid of robbers or other criminals than a possible spirit.

The creature moved by his car and then disappeared into thin air.


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