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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Is Tuface The Most Insulted Celebrity In Nigeria?

Only very few comedians in Nigeria have not made a joke out of the popular Tuface Idibia who is also an amazing Nigerian singer and celebrity. Ironically, Tuface is often present at most entertainment events in Nigeria.

Despite his love for activism and social transformation, Tuface has a lot of controversies surrounding him that have been taken advantage of by Comedians and even other singers to gain popularity or advance their careers.

At most events where this happens, Tuface can easily be seen laughing out loud even though he is the object of ridicule by those comedians.

Not every celebrity is like Tuface Idibia. Some Nigerians think that using the private lives of celebrities to make jokes can be annoying. A singer like Omawunmi was had once physically attacked a journalist for publishing odd stories about her.

Though she is a celebrity, she is not as calm and gentle as Tuface who would watch others profit from their live mistakes and challenges.

However, some celebrities thrive on controversies and as such, they would want to be the center of attraction whether for good or otherwise.


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