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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

NIMC- Many Nigerians Don’t Know Their Date of Birth

As government target policy implementation as a way of getting citizens of Nigeria to enroll for the National Identity Management Commission issued Identity Cards, there have been several revelations on how much personal information Nigerians are aware of.

A short time in any NIMC office in your area will reveal somethings quite surprising. So many young Nigerians are not aware of their date of birth.

This puzzling phenomenon is an everyday occurrence in most NIMC centers across the country and officials in charge of registration have to cope with explanations on when they think their date of birth was.

The situation is much worse among the elderly who did not pass through any formal educational process. They had to be guided to fill the lengthy form.

What most victims of this do is to make an approximation of their year of birth and present it for registration. The danger of this is that because it is not their authentic date of birth, they may forget and use another date when registering for other formal processes.

For those who are destined to forget their date of birth, a heavy fine of about N15,000 will be gladly received from them by NIMC officials who have been handling one of the biggest challenges facing NIMC registration in Nigeria.


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