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Monday, October 07, 2019

Okorocha Calls For One Senator Per State To Save Resources

Senator Rochas Okorocha from Imo state has called on the Nigerian senate to look into the issue of the number of senators in the red chamber. Okorocha opines that the number was too high and unnecessary.

Okorocha asked the senate to pass a law that will reduce the number of senators for each state. He explained that there are 109 senators with each having many aides working under them.

About N1bn from the national budget goes into that yearly, therefore, he proposes that if there is only one senator for each state, the resources spent on them yearly will reduce drastically since they seem to be performing the same functions.

However, the proposal by senator Okorocha did not gain much support and was only presented as an issue by the way.

Experts and Nigerians, in general, have called for a reduction in the cost of governance in Nigeria so that more resources can be available for development. Nigerians have also advocated a reduction in the cost of governance as the best alternative to imposing taxation on the people.


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