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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Why You Should Never Underrate NOUN Certificate

The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) was designed to promote distance learning among Nigerians. It is suitable for working-class people to study and promote their skills while still holding on to their jobs.
In addition, it has programs for those who have not done their degree and as such recent secondary school leavers now study at the National Open University of Nigeria.

One of the major reasons why tye NOUN issued certificate has raised so many questions is the non-participation of graduates of NOUN in the NYSC scheme.

Many people think that if they are not admitted to the scheme then other corporations that require NYSC discharge certificate may also not accept them.

However, the hurdle of the NYSC scheme has been removed as graduates of the University can now participate in the NYSC scheme.

For many years the institution has certified thousands of professionals who have made progress in their workplace with evident promotions.

Nigeria is still far behind in terms of digital education and acceptance of the NOUN certificate by employers of labor and the general public remains the only litmus test.


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