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Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Abuja Recreation Centers Begin Preparation For Xmas

Fun lovers in Abuja are beginning to arrange where they will spend their holidays ahead of Xmas and other festivities this year. While they are still actively engaged in the hustle and bustle of city life here in Abuja, some arrangements are being made.

Owners of Amusement parks and centers for fun-seekers have begun preparations and rehabilitations of their facilities ahead of the yuletide season. Xmas is barely a month away and they have launched their plans for the season.

Irrespective of religion or creed, Nigerians love to enjoy their holidays and have as much fun as they can while it lasts. Before this period, some amusement parks were overtaken by weed and grasses, especially those that were not very active outside the yuletide season.

Although famous parks like the Maitama park are active all year round, others are only active during Christmas festivities and they seem to suspend their activities after the season.


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