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Thursday, November 07, 2019

Common Accidents That Occur On Abuja Roads

The heavy vehicular traffic on Abuja roads has made some form of accidents a daily occurrence on major roads. Although there are cases of fatal accidents, the response rate from road safety is prompt and effective.

As such most accidents are caused by the carelessness of drivers in the FCT. The ban of motorcyclists from suing some areas and the availability of road safety personnel in major roads of the FCT has limited the faults to drivers and road users.

Drivers who engage in over speeding and poor maintenance of their vehicles suffer from brake-failure, head-on collision and knocking-down of pedestrians.

Daily, due to hold-ups on major roads, vehicles collide with each other leading to damaged vehicle parts in various degrees.

Accidents on major roads in Abuja should be blamed majorly on drivers and road users who fail o adopt certain precautions that are required for hitch-free road use.


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