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Saturday, November 30, 2019

(Exposed) Why Most Nigerian Men Avoid These Girls

The dating world today is boundless as people meet each other and mingle on social media and other platforms.

While several young ladies have had fruitful relationships through social media ladies who are members of White garment churches have not been having a good time as they complain that men are scared of them.

Although they admit that ladies in white garment churches are beautiful, they express fears that they can be diabolical too.

As a result, most young men avoid them for other ladies for fear of being charmed by some diabolical means.

It is not clear how this perception of ladies that are members of white garment churches came to be, what is certain is that not all ladies who are members of white garment churches are diabolical.

They have also carved a unique niche for themselves on social media and online dating sites to prove wrong the perception that girls of white garment churches can not enjoy the normal privileges of other young girls.


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