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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Hate speech- Senators Want Death Penalty for Hate Speech On Social media

Nigerians are currently disturbed by the news making the rounds that the Nigerian senate has voted to pass the death penalty to anyone found guilty of perpetuating hate speech.

The movement against hate speech was championed by the minister of information AlhLai Muhammed and most people think that it is a ploy by the government in power to silence any opposition.

Social media is a forum where the ordinary Nigerians vent their anger against the government on many issues. The passage of the bill will mean that Nigerians cannot freely express themselves in matters of government.

There is yet to be any public action against the bill which has been passed and waiting for presidential assent.  

However, it is not certain if President Buhari will sign the bill which will change the political landscape in Nigeria. The anti-cybercrime bill already signed by the government may be a major stumbling block against the bill which wants death by hanging for those found guilty of perpetuating hate speech.


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