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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

(Hilarious) Arriving Your Wedding Reception In A Tricycle

Couples are known to do crazy things on their wedding day but it will be wrong to mistake every happening on a wedding day to be the couple's crazy disposition.

The photo shows a couple arriving at their wedding reception in a tricycle. Without attempting to explain why they chose to perform such as important ceremony by arriving in a tricycle, it is also important to examine what most people think about it.

Reactions such as creepy and so on trailed the trending photo of this couple who do not seem disturbed that they would arrive at their reception venue in a tricycle.

People asked whether they had no friend or neighbor that can lend them a car or at least convey them to the venue.

Being a once in a lifetime event, weddings deserve the best and it will be inappropriate to make light of such auspicious occasion y arriving in a tricycle.

Personal dispositions do not matter much here if the couple involved had a lot of fun. Besides, what is luxury to a couple who have just had a ride in their lifes?


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