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Friday, November 22, 2019

(Photos) How To Catch A Stray Lion Without Getting Hurt

About a week ago, news broke out an Indian man who kept a lion in his house in Lagos as a pet. Residents saw the beast and many wondered how he managed to bring the wild animal into Nigeria without being apprehended.

According to sources, the Lion had remained at his residence for long until some concerned residents raised alarm to necessary agencies to evacuate the lion.

While some people are still trying to understand while someone will prefer a lion as hos pet, the story of a lion that escaped from its cage became handy. 

The incident happened in Kano state Nigeria in a zoo. Authorities of the zoo quickly informed members of the public not to be afraid because the lion only escaped from its cage and not the zoo.

Residents of Lagos watched with amazement how the Lagos state authorities captured the lion from the Indian man’s residence to a zoo.

The wild beast was injected and made unconscious, then about four men carried the wild animal like a baby into a vehicle that moved it to a zoo.

While pictures of the capture were trending on social media, the agencies involved did not bother to inform residents not to attempt to try such on their own.

There are some specially trained veterinary experts involved in moving the lion from the public residence to a zoo.


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