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Thursday, November 07, 2019

Raising Awareness On The Existence Of A Facebook Prison

Social media is a platform for people to express their views about issues. St people are familiar with Facebook and other social platforms, they are aware of some rules and guidelines that accompany them but only a few know of the harassment that users face, especially active facebook users.

The phrase Facebook Prison is real in that Facebook has its way of dealing with users who violate its policies and practices. These punishments are not stipulated by facebook when the user is registering, they are only meted with the harsh treatment upon violation of the codes.

Many users have spent days in the facebook detention center where they are restricted from making posts or commenting on groups which they belong to.
The practice may have far-reaching consequences on human rights. Facebook has also taken down thousands of accounts on different occasions for alleged violation of some policies and standards.

What bothers most victims of this harsh practice is that they do not know the foundation of the laws upon which their punishments were effected. Some of them are Africans who may have a different legal system from the west.


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